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Why Gay Matters
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 4 2011, 16:00:08 (UTC)
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...Gay issues matter very much because they are Civil Rights issues and Human Rights issues...they matter even more than Women's Rights and racial equality because Gay issues strike at the bedrock which the bible is built upon...and because they disturb us and society even more than granting equal rights to women and minorities...they matter more because the church has invested so much more into this battle than they did in the battle against women's rights or racial equality...Christianity has shown its bigoted face more clearly in this than anything else it has done in the modern era...

Gays are going along, for now, with the demand that they never seek church weddings but only civil ones...but I know what's coming. The day will come when they will demand that as well and then the church will really be on the ropes because even more important than the divinity of Jesus is tax-exempt status...and that status will be in jeopardy because as a federally tax-exempt organization, whose taxes WE pay, they cannot discriminate or deny equality...or, if they insist, let them continue as taxable agency, unsupported by Gay taxes and all taxes.

It turns out that coming out of the closet was the single most effective thing that brought about Gay was made difficult precisely because by remaining in the closet, no one knew just how many Gays were out there and that each and every one of us had a Gay relative, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, grandparent, cousin and child and once we knew that we could no longer support their persecution etc. They became "us", our family, our friends and the church revealed itself for the bigoted, hateful and hate-mongering thing it has always been....ever since the Romans murdered Jesus and decided he had a great idea, or the seeds of one, and took over the religion....

Jesus did not convert Rome...Rome made a Roman of Jesus.

The greatest human rights struggle of all time has been the battle for Gay equality. Only people equality remains.


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