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Why We Are a Small-Minded People
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 20 2010, 15:13:30 (UTC)
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Why We Are Such a Small-Minded People

The answer lies, I think, in the fact that assyrian refugees ran from their own real homelands of Turkey and Iran to Iraq during the First World War. These refugees, through their own treachery, made themselves unwlecome, even hunted down, in their own homelands and as a result were forced to flee with very little on their backs. They had to begin life all over again, in another Muslim country, Iraq, which generously took all these treacherous Christians in and gave them temporary shelter and food and work until they could settle permanently and get on with rebuidling their lives.
Did these refugee-migrants learn anything useful from their experience? No. For once again they took up arms, from the same Brits who had recently "betrayed" them, and once again allowed themselves to be used as military/police units, against those who´d recently saved them, on behalf of those foreign Christians who were once again attacking and occupying a Muslim country...their "new home", no less.
The Levies were nothing more than an insult to the Iraqi people who must have marvelled at such gross ingratitude and stupidity...and sure enough, when the Marshimun refused all offers by the Iraqi government to settle the refugees permanently in the homes that government was providing for them, instead demanding what he was "promised", by the Brists, supposedly, who had little right to give away parts of someone else´s country....his followers crossed over into Syria in the ditzy "faith" that the Syrians would give them their own lands and territory, exclusively for Christians or, as they soon realized would be more effective "Assyrians".

When that Quixotic venture ended in failure the assyrians crossed back into Iraq, illegally and carrying weapons they refused to surrender...a battle ensued with Iraqi troops who did not like a band of recent migrants taing up arms and crossing the borders at will...with the result that several were killed on both sides. The Iraqi government had had enough of the the treachery and ingratitude of these Christian refugees, as any country would have, and launched an attack against the village of Semele in which 300 villagers were gunned down in cold blood...a nasty thing to do but in keeping with what all countries have done when defending themselves against internal insurrection.
The end result of all of this was still not the expulsion or imprisonment of all assyrian refugees...Iraqis knew many assyrians were innocent of sedition and treason and so the one example of group-punishment, it was hoped, would be enough to discourage such actions in the future....they hoped the assyrians would settle down and get on with their lives. And for the most part they did, though a disaffected few, the most ignorant and lazy and unproductive of them all who dreamed of being GIVEN what was "theirs", remained faithful to the screwy notion that Iraq was really Assyria, just as they were really assyrians and therefore they would continue to agitate for "what is ours".
One further liability the Iraqi government imposed on all Christian refugees was refusing their children a chance at higher education.....a serious mistake it would turn out to prove later(also the reason so many of our nationaltsts got their notions of history, sociology, psychology and anything else from ignorant village priests who filled their heads with still more nonsense). My own family was spared simply because my grandfather, Baba Parhad, was a doctor and had made a name for himself among all Iraqis, especially government officials. He received permission to send his children, five sons and five daughters, to university and for this reason four of the sons became doctors and two girls teachers. They were the only Christians from among the refugees to be granted this privilege. While they had plenty of personal problems, they none the less were able to at least get an advanced education and beocme successful professionals.

But the rest of the migrant-refugees remained pig-ignorant...consigned to breaking rocks for highways, serving as porters and truck drivers, if they were lucky, owning their own trucks. Economically they remained at the bottom, which is not where the better members of any group are to be found...and they retained all the prejudice and narrow-mindedness and, especially, the wounded sense of inferiority which seeks to compensate through grandiose notions of a "special identity" which they clung to fierecely as poor white southerners were proud to be "at least not Black" in the deep South. At least Aprim was "assyrian" least Bet-Jassim was a descendant of Ashurbanipal. Their parents couldn´t get a college education...and maybe even Muslim high schools proved unwilling or all they had in their family tree was ancestors educated by Qasha Youkhenna, or Mar Rukhtapolitous...
They became and remained small-mined, as unsophicticated in the ways of the world as we see their descendants are today. Assyrian Nationalism may have had its origins among a few scholarly types, like Dr Atouraya and my grandfather...but it was theory with them...a theory my grandfather soon abandoned when he saw the reality in Iraq. Iraq had extended a welcome and a chance for survival to these refugees and they had responded with open treachery, insurrection and murder. These people were not indigenous to Iraq at all....for centuries their ancestors had lived in Turkey or Persia...two countries which this recent crop of Christians had betrayed and so renedered themselves homeless and dependant on the charity of Muslims, in Iraq.
As usual for these people, they did it to themselves. It was their own treachery that got them chased out of Turkey and Persia, where they had lived for centuries in more peace and security than ever had Christian with Christian or Jew and Muslim with Christian, in Christian lands. It was never the desire, policy or intention of Turkey or Persia to chase these people out, to turn against them, especially not for their religion, as they like to claim. It was for what they had DONE...never for what they were. And, no sooner than they had been accepted into yet another Muslim country, a nation under no obligation and perhaps naive as well to have accepted them at all, given their record of ingratitide and violent insurrection, no sooner had they settled, even temporarily, in refugee camps than the British came looking for the same damfools and got them to repeat their most recent mistakes...
The Iraqis had no internal bias towards Christians...not even Christians who soon re-invented themselves as Assyrians. Not even against penniless migrant-refugees...instead they opened their arms and extended a welcome, inviting the refugees to join their communitites and work for the improvement of the entire country. My family´s experience showed the sincerity of this invitation and the opportunity would have been extended to all our young people had it not been for the treasonous and ungrateful behavior of these refugees.

I have no doubt that if the assyrians of Australia all of a sudden take up arms and attack long-time residents and citizens they will be met by the crushing force of the Australian government and earn the deserved hostility of the Australian people. They know better than to do this...because among other things it would show deplorable ingratitude not to mention incurable stupdity...yet this is exactly what they did in Iraq and continue to urge those still stuck there to do, to this day.
These are the actions of a small people...a small-minded people who chose, all on their own, to consign their children to poor educations or none at all when the resources of Iraq were open to them all, as my family´s experience shows. It was entirely their own doing that they made themselves unwelcome in the countries of their prior residence and equally their own fault that they carried on this dismal and illegal behavior in the one country that welcomed them. Their suffering has been of their own doing, always...and always they have tried to blame Islam, or Turks and Arabs and Qurds..anyone and everyone except themselves, but also including other "enemy" assyrians.

There is no better proof of a small mind than to hold yourself blameless, even while you light the match that will consume you and your family, all the while blaming other people for your "suffering". And no one is going to give anything meaningful to small minds...but the back of the hand they have been getting since they started this nonsense...and well deserved too, all of it.


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