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You too clowns
Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Sunday, December 30 2007, 8:18:38 (CET)
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would look a little better if you don't paste my prior comments to you as a reply here... As usual of course, you really think you're being "smart and original" coz you have no idea where those words came into your head from...

It is good to see my words stuck in your skulls though... Atleast you can say that you got something in there now... I bet you're "impressed" with yourself now ha? lol

Back to the question...So Why does a Fly sit on Shit while a Bee sits on Flowers?... I'm sure you can answer that based on your experience, you've proven that already...

C'Mon Scooby Doo, please try harder...You can do it... Just concentrate a little...

AssyrianMazloom, don't waste time trying to answer it until you get your fully trained monkey certificate first... Meanwhile, tell us what religion those 7 vergins will belong to?... You aren't too embarrased to answer that, are you mazloom?... I thought so...



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