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a real freind of Israel...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 5 2011, 13:34:58 (UTC)
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...would have spent all that money on accomodating Palestinians, acting the part of an honest broker, honestly...he would have forced Isarelis, not Palestinians, to make the concessions necessary for peace...and Muslims were willing....they would have been happy to allow Israel its borders if money had been available to them to rebuild and re-settle and get on with supporting their families etc. Then there would have been peace....but not big bucks for American corporations who are backing this "we love Israel and are forced by Jews" make gobs of MONEY!

The two-state solution has been on the tale at the UN for 30 years now and each year it is shot down by America and it's love-baby, Israel and a few unheard of South Sea Islands.....the world stands behind it, international law stands behind it, Palestinians are willing...but there is no money in peace.


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