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=> abboud dankha sees another "golden opportunity"....

abboud dankha sees another "golden opportunity"....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, June 17 2014, 18:43:24 (UTC)
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...weeks of silence at Maggie's message board ends today with this....

By:Abboud Dankha
Date: 6/16/2014, 9:17 pm

The capture of Iraq's second biggest city , Mosul, by the so-called ISIL( Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant)is the final nail in the coffin of the proposed ,Nineveh Plains Province for Assyrians,referred to, as "Christians in Iraq".A golden opportunity the Kurds were waiting for.A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament,Shoresh Haji,said:"I hope that the kurdish leadership will not miss this golden opportunity to bring #####s in the disputed territories back under Kurdish control.It is a very sad situation for Mosul, but at the same time ,history has presented us with one or two other moments at which we could regain our territory and this is an opportunity we cannot ignore"."We must regain the territory and protect its inhabitants from attack by the terrorist.This time we must stay on the ##### and then negotiate with Baghdad,not withdraw and negotiate".He added.

...okay, I don't what he's trying to say in that paragraph and the safest bet always is that he doesn't either...I mean, I'm sure he has something he wants to get out but as always with these guys, the words don't match the thoughts and that's because the thoughts, to begin with, are incoherent and fuzzy on this topic especially. Over the last 100 years the Qurds have demonstrated their willingness and ability to fight...we have shown nothing of the kind...that's a huge difference right there....the Qurds took the initiative, we never did and never will...we are reactionary, we react, we don't instigate.

...and here he goes completely off the rails........

Where are our political leaders????????? Where are our (Parliamentarians) in Irbil and Baghdad-What are they waiting for???????? Does anyone even care about our Assyrian population in and around Mosul? What about our lands?????

...they aren't "your lands"...get that straight if nothing belongs to those who can take and maintain it...the Qurds MADE that land theirs...we haven't done anything near to that...but these boys, Dankha and the res, place so much faith and force into WORDS that they thing saying it is their land somehow makes it legitimate. And what exactly would "our" politicians do anyway? What have American politicians been able to do in Iraq except destroy?

Its time for all Assyrian political organizations and the so-called" Big Parties",to show some leadership , put all their differences aside and show the nation by action not promises,that they can deliver.

...what action do you propose? Why don;t you offer SOMETHING instead of just carping?

This is a defining moment in our national history.Our existence is at a huge risk.

...that was settled long have no history left in the MidEast except this one, and you can think the Christian West for that...our people were doing just fine before the foreign Christians began meddling.

...I suppose all nationalists are waiting, "hopefully", for our people to get killed so they can have something to cry over, something to "warn" the West over...something to get fired up about because maybe, just maybe, if enough of us get killed the world will "care" and, oh yes, "do something".....this is action for our nationalists: getting our throats slit, by Muslims of course....and then waiting for the world's pity.

..Abboud Dankha won't come out and say it, but this is his wish too....his "plan of action".


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