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about "violence" in the Quran
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, April 7 2016, 14:21:17 (UTC)
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...let's take a look at the mandated violence in the bible to see if there is anything shocking in books of that era promoting violence.

..I can't keep my eyes long enough to read a paragraph in the bible but I have heard tell of one old man who was teased by some village children...he called out a bear who ravaged those offending children....a new bride must be killed if she is found to to be non-virgin.....women who are called witches by enough people are to be killed...anyone standing in the way of the Hebrews, like with his house, is to be killed...his animals too and his women taken as slaves, sex slaves too no doubt.

..and,of course, God's own son is to be killed....if a god can kill his own son, whatever his reason, his book is nothing but an encitement to violence.

..admittedly most Christians do not condone these religious killings...and neither do most Muslims condaone whatever orders to kill are contained in the bible.

BUT, add up the number of people killed by either religion in the last 500 years and see who are the followers of revealed murder. Guess.


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