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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, July 4 2011, 22:29:49 (UTC)
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I caught this Christian fanatic on youtube attacking a Chinese Muslim music video which has nothing to with Islam.


"Muhammad was a liar because he had NO witness and Allah calls Muhammad A LIAR under sura 24:13.

When Allah appointed Moses and Jesus as prophets, He -Allah- provided witnesses to affirm the appointments:

1]Moses had 600,000 witnesses[Exodus 19:17 & 38:26];

2]Jesus had more than 4 witnesses[Mat 3:17 & John 20:26-31] &

3]Mohammed had NO witness!

VERIFY ISLAM @ w w w faithfreedom org


Who the fuck are the witnesses you quoted for Moses? There is to this day no evidence that there was a Moses and a bunch of Jews who lived in Egypt. They didn't even leave behind a hair just prove their presence. What about your Jesus and how no historian of that time ever mentions him? Who were his witnesses? More than 4? You can't be serious. Muhammad had thousands of witnesses who knew he existed. He had Jews, Christians, Muslims and pagan Arabs. Those number in the thousands. Your case isn't any better than Muhammad's. If you choose not to accept the witnesses for Muhammad, then why should others accept yours when they are disputable?

You can't accept an Arab who made such claims because of his skin color but you accept others who have no evidence except for silly Bible. Bible wasn't written til long after Jesus so those witnesses would be thrown out of any court. Muhammad still wins in that regard. Either respect em all or fuck em. i say fuck em but you are a Christian fanatic so you can't. After all, it's Jesus who you hide behind and terrorize the darker skinned people of this world. Fuck you and your god and your Jesus and Moses and whoever else. All them Jew boy crackers suck my dick.


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