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=> and what is Kabala anyway but supersition...

and what is Kabala anyway but supersition...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 15:10:28 (UTC)
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...bred of fear and powerlessness? How many Jews 'see things" in everyday numbers and signs which "warn" of coming holocausts?

Are Muslims so far off base when they too "see" things, which may not actually be there, like the best Kabalists? Maybe when you're so put upon, abused and frightened, and powerless, you SEE things, or need to say you do in order to make sense of your world...or, in order to rally your people around some organizing principle, like an attack by enemies, even in subtle forms like hidden messages, or signs, or omens etc.

After all, didn't Americans "see" a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda when everyone knew there was none? And didn't they "see" a connection between 9/11 and Iraqis which also wasn't there? And didn't they FAIL to see the actual and real connection between Saudi Arabia and 9/11...or Bush? Didn't Colin Powell "see" aluminum tube bombs where there were none...or mobile germ trucks where none existed? It seem when people, American Christians or MidEast Muslims feel threatened and then ARE threatened and then attacked...they all tend to SEE what they need to!

But, in the real world, Jews and Muslims have had and do now have everything to fear from Christians...not each other. History clearly shows us also shows us how Christians have managed to bamboozle people time and who can be sure they aren't at it is THEIR history after all.


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