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another bogus issue...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, April 22 2017, 17:01:07 (UTC)
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...neo-cons, neo-Nazis and the rest have taken up a new method of attack...they insist they have free speech rights on college campuses...."Isn't it interesting", they intone, "that on college campuses they don't want to hear from Facists, Zionists, Racists etc." So now they're insisting on speaking on college campuses, not that they hope to achieve much for their causes, but to show the "hypocrisy" of colleges and students, most of whom are suspected of being lefties.

Except for one thing...Ann Coulter can get on Bill Maher's show...Rula Jabreel cannot, not since she dared point out Bill and the media's blind spot where the Palestinian people are concerned...that one exchange has removed her from all media she has a legitimate claim to speak at colleges because she is blocked everywhere else and if not for the right to speak freely at colleges, she would be silenced as would others who hold those views.

Students would be denied hearing those voices, but you can catch a neo-con any night on several media let's not kid ourselves, Ann Coulter doesn't want to reach those poor college students who have no other outlets at which they can hear her, or buy one of several of the same book she keeps publishing...what Coulter and the rest want is to attack free speech as well as tear down the "facade" of liberalism in higher education by pointing to THEM as hypocritical.

American media is very welcoming to neo-cons and even Fascists, those types have any number of outlets and they even have radio stations of their what's this crying need all of a sudden to take their act onto college campuses?


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