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=> another one from Andre...the gift that keeps on giving...

another one from Andre...the gift that keeps on giving...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 22:50:35 (UTC)
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Once again I skimmed through your email and if I really cared to debate a grown child then I would be sinking myself down to being one too.

...what none of you ever figure out is that I am not talking to YOU...I am speaking THROUGH you to a wider audience...if you prefer I am "using" an example of prejudice, thinly-disguised hatred, bigotry and overall ignorance parading as pride. Why in hevvin's name would I want to talk TO you?

After I received your third email, I realized that is all you were, a man child. So that is the reason behind me not further tying. many times are you going to tell me that you have no time to waste? I send you my comments to thank you, to show what fun you provide but mostly for you to see, if you could, how you help make my case for me.

It's nothing new that I've argued before. The are the same childish arguments that I've overcome in the past. If there were a professional platform, not one where we are appeasing your audience, but one where thousands if not millions would be watching, then I would find it logical to spend precious time for a good debate. my...thousands and millions are seeing your film? I'd bet many many more people have seen and will see the Ashurbanipal Monument than will see your film...but here again I am stooping to your level..these personal attacks and bitchy comments have nothing to do with the issues, which you consistently sidestep with the claim that you are way too busy and intelligent to waste your time...and I'm delighted because anyone, besides your cousins, who reads these exchanges knows exactly the reason you don't dare discuss issues...for which we all thank you.

But you can't offer this, so your little circle of men children including you are not worth my time. I would rather respond to an old man child with little more dignity than I am offering you. Which is nothing but blatant disrespect. Your gagging whispers will soon deplete into silence. The same insignificance it was before and will forever be after. I expect another worthless email from you soon. One after the other. ;)

....yes will receive many, until I'm done with you ...none of this is in your control, mostly because you won't engage, which is fine with I said, we are here to slap people like you around and watch as you take it, because you can't really defend your views, or yourself..and I don't need any more words from you...I can come up with my own.

...again, we all thank you.



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