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another post from Andre......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 2 2011, 20:31:01 (UTC)
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You're not exposing anyone but yourself. Your platform or "exposing" people is a joke. That's why I never bothered with your forum.

...but you did...until you couldn't take it any more...see, what you all have in common is that your ideas, your views, your beliefs where history is concerned are nothing more sophisticated than what you were told as children...what your grandparents told and the priest told you, which is fine where religion is concerned...your difficulty and the reason you can't stand a serious discussion, is the same as the person discussing his religious beliefs, that is: you state them once, and maybe repeat them a second time and beyond that you simply have nothing more to say, which is fine, as I say, where religion is concerned...there are no "facts" in religion, not ones which can be proven to a non-believer. The trouble comes when you take the same attitude towards history or, in an extreme example, towards science...for here too you believe that your opinions are enough..that Truth is whatever you believe it to be...which is the reason you'll read Aprim and not Dr Joseph...because Aprim simply validates your beliefs, whereas Dr Joseph brings in actual history even where it contradicts those cherished beliefs we were all given at birth.

That's the real reason you "don't bother"....or say it is a "waste of time"...because your so-called assyrian identity is also a matter of FAITH...and since you don't need to prove you are Christian and don;t even need to discuss it with non-believers, you also feel your assyrian identity and the cartoon-version of history you all have is beyond discussion and needs no proof, no evidence and, most damning of all, no REASON or LOGIC, though you all love to misuse those words as well. It is indeed a waste of time for YOU to discuss these things because besides stating your beliefs and then maybe restating them forcefully if challenged, you have nothing further to have no's as if you graduated film school with one firm conviction, and one only that "I like good movies"...period. How can anyone serious about film have a discussion with you? And why WOULD you waste time in any open discussion about film?

Lol and you call what I'm doing with my film being seen around the world winning awards and being seen in front of congress and he eh just one big lash they have to bear.

...Please, can we stick to the point? Americans have withstood all sorts of "lashes" as you call it...they didn't blink an eye when THEY starved 700,000 Iraqi babies to death, 33,000 of whom were don't even bother to address this issue.

.... Dr Goebbels was very popular too...popularity says nothing about content or validity or truth or are merely stroking balls...preaching to the choir, of COURSE they applaud you. Tell them what they DON'T want to hear and see where you get. You are already a footnote to history...your Neanderthal views on these topics will be among the dust of history...hell, you're ALREADY beside the point where serious people are concerned....the ones who are never popular in their day.

If you didn't notice I'm doing something unprecedented by giving future assyrians a platform. I speak humbly bc one day there WILL be a movie about Ashurbanipal and our ancestors like ones made about Greeks and Romans. All this while You've never grow up Fred and I'm afraid you never will.

...a film about those ancestors will be a film about all the people of Iraq and not just you Christians.....what platform? It's a plywood contraption that can not sustain any serious weight...look at how you, the one who built this platform, are handling yourself, what with your LoLs and snide comments and letters to my daughter. Are these the actions of a serious person? Serious about propaganda, yes, but about strength, about relevance, about being on the side of what is

Leni Riefensthall was far better at it than you but all her art is now dismissed because of content, because she assuaged Hitler's feelings and polished his image, for a few years, with her talents. I'll work tirelessly, not to attack Muslims or spread lies about what we deserve or what we "suffered, but about people like you who use us for their own purposes...people who seek international pity, people who pick at their scabs in order to create scars in the marketplace so all will see and give generously....they may give, but through no virtue of your own.

I suggest you jump, headfirst, off that platform and save us all a lot of time and grief.

sincerely yours



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