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=> another "private" response from Andre

another "private" response from Andre
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, July 1 2011, 19:11:57 (UTC)
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I (came unglued...mine) glued as you put it based on the fact that you are invading privacy because I was under the impression this was personal exchange. I would care less that my thoughts are out there in the open. Actually my doc says it all for me.

...they are out there in the open....I don't understand your beef...we were discussing politics, war, humanity, propaganda...and I gave you the chance to modify or eliminate things you didn't like that you may have said in the heat of the moment and because you're Assyrian and don't have the bone in your head that allows people to think. Where it counts people have revealed what you call private....Daniel Ellsberg did it, Bradley Manning did it...and I did. Of course our tiff doesn't approach those in importance, but for the few remaining Christians in Iraq it is a matter of life and are on the side of their death, I am on the side of their being able to live. You want someone else to kill them,a Muslim of course so their deaths can be "useful"...though you ignore all the thousands of Assyrian children killed by western Christians, and I don't want anyone to kill them. are simply the most modern version of what we have suffered from for so long and that is one who believes the Christian West will "save us", if only they "know what is happening to us"...and in your efforts to "inform our saviors" and 'expose our enemies" and the awareness among Iraqis, in this case, of those efforts and the understandable resentment, hostility, and suspicion this causes, your efforts have MADE us suffer.

Your film and ideas are an example of self-fulfilling prophecy at accuse Muslims of crimes against us, completely ignoring the crimes the Christian West has and is committing....then you ask this same Christian West, which is seen as a bunch of hi-tech Terrorists by Muslims, to come save give YOU special protection, and special rights and a territory all your own... and when Iraqis act on their resentment you say, "SEE...I told you they don't like us"!!! Completely ignoring what YOU did to make them dislike you and then hate and despise you.

You'll never see how you MAKE them dislike and hate us...just as America is "puzzled" that they are hated when THEY tell themselves they are only doing "good" and "bringing freedom and democracy and liberation" wonder the State Department "likes your film"....I would too if you bent over and spread them for me, as you all do for the white Christian men who attack your "homeland" for you.


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