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are we being a little capricious?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 14 2010, 19:26:59 (UTC)
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>>### But as I have attempted to show the Turks were not just acting to put down an insurrection. They were purifying and homogenising their empire in the same fashion as the barbaric European empires had done previously.

...but this process, even if it was as you say, began with the war and not before....certainly not in any way to justify calling genocide. I still donīt see how you can say that when today there are churches all over Turkey and Christians and the rest are alive and well. Are you saying the Turks were that inept that they couldnīt kill of cleanse as efficiently as the Christians had?

And just like German communists, gypsies, roma people and the handicapped were victims of the Nazi purification of the 1,000 year Third Empire (Reich)

...none of those people you mention took guns and money and orders from the Allies to attack Germans and Germany...which is precisely what Chtistian Turks did. They DID something to bring the wrath of their government down on keep insisting that is was mostly or only because who they were (non-Muslim and non-Turks)..not what they DID....REBEL!

so too were the Syriacs, Chaldeans, Yezidis, Shabaks victims of the Ottoman Empire's purification of its homeland. None of these ggroups unlike the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians rebelled against the Ottoman empire but were also victims of deportations, massacres and Islamisation policies. expect Turks to bother with which SECT or group, exactly, rebelled? Their move against their own Christians was well-founded, no matter how for the others, yes, they may have done nothing, but the attack by Christian nations, who were clearly using divide and conquer tactics, alerted them that their traditional tolerance was now being used AGAINST them by Christian nations so that regardless of religion, any ethnic group that could be appealed to, because the Turks had allowed them to maintain a separate identity, would now have to join the one, homogenized Turkish people...still, they did not outlaw just how "homogenized" were these people to be, if allowed to keep their religions?


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