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=> are you fucking serious? I wonder why

are you fucking serious? I wonder why
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 15 2011, 7:35:48 (UTC)
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I was just reading Iraqi cook recipes and the web site mentions how food was a major shortage after Saddam invaded Kuwait and sanctions were placed. This was supposed to be a cooking site but makes sure to mention that sanctions were because Iraqi invaded its neighbor. On the very bottom of the page, there was an interesting paragraph about how 25 % of Iraqis are considered undernourished and more than 15 % of children are underweight and small for their age. Of course compare to pork eating fat White people, they are small, but it shouldn't be a surprise that chuildren are unhealthy. So not only were more than a million Iraqi children starved to death, but even the ones who survived suffer and continue to do so because of the sanctions.

Here we have a fucking cracker like Harris or Hitchens reminding us "what they'll do to us" while his people have committed crimes before our eyes. They are worried about Muslims being threat to homosexuals, alcoholics, drug addicts, porn addicts and everyone else while the millions who have been killed by the same people are not a tragedy. The "assyrian" forums have to remind us every few months what happened in 1908. 1848, or some other fucking year and their stories are always bullshit, but we have a crime against humanity that was coimmitted before our eyes and nothing is said.

They even went on to invade the same people who were starved and on their knees w3hile murdering another million at least. I am sure Berlin also had someone like a Maher telling us "what they do"(about Jews) and now they are repeating with another group of people who have been demonized for 1,400 years. Suicide bombers aren't Islam driven but a desperate people have gone to use their own body as the weapon. When we watch animals in jungles, we see a mother deer, or some other kind of soft animal sacrifice herself to the lion so that the little one can get to safety. Many humans would do the same for their children and this exactly what Muslims are doing. Give the Palestinian weapons, etc and see if he has to blow himself up.

Islam teaches justice and one is allowed to fight the oppressor and I have to take my hat off to it because other religions don't have that, even though Christians have been real murderers and rapists. There were many centuries were Muslims had all the power to do what Hitchens says they do but they didn't. They didn't fuck his mom or do any of that. They actually brought Europeans out of darkness and taught them about many things which were long forgotten and more. When a people have been brought to their knees, they will fight back, and to demonize them for that, is cowardly. I remember watching parts of the CNN propaganda documentery on "radical Muslims" and some former Bush adviser went to a Mosque in London. He gave his speech where he tried convincing them that Bush is not a racist and doesn't hate Muslims. A Pakistani man told him "if you kill my son, or my family, I can not love you". He also told him that Iraqis would feel the same way too because what parent would want their children killed? maybe Christians but normal humans wouldn't.

It is safe to say that Christians are not hated for their beliefs but for what they have done, and it is also safe to say that the only persecution Christians have seen came from other Christians. They were also the ones who persecuted other people when they became powerful. Today they wear suits and hide behind democracy, and other things but it's the same people who use to eat the dead bodies of Muslims during the crusades. They would dig up graves and eat of the corpses, and That's sick.


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