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artificial intelligence/ real programming
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 29 2017, 16:27:13 (UTC)
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...I love the hype of artificial intelligence, which I've been dealing with since I was born. It's true, if you bring a human's mind down to the level of a toaster, you can brag that you have a toaster every bit as smart as a human mind. After all, you can now "program" toasters too.

Once you set the bar so low for intelligence, a vacuum cleaner can compete with such a human.

I've always hated the game of chess...and now that they finally made a machine that can beat any human, I feel vindicated. Chess was NEVER about was about an autistic person's ability to memorize which of several moves would be best, under certain conditions...which a machine can be made to do better....the smart ones are the ones who made the machine, not the ones who PRETENDED to be machines.

Education, religion and socialization in general, has been hard at work in most countries but best of all in America, to program children from the earliest age possible....there is nothing new in trying to turn out citizens with artificial intelligence...meaning not REAL intelligence.

But, as with the word "hero" and "love", the concept of intelligence has been redefined, dumbed down to the level where a toaster CAN be said to be "intelligent" simply because you can program it to respond to you now can with young children.

They may not be programable where decency or simple courtesy are concerned, but that's because that isn't the goal....the goal is to get people thinking they are using their own minds when in reality it is a mind programmed for them in the ways necessary for "good citizenship" can't, after all, strain such minds too much by introducing concepts such as compassion and humility or empathy, besides those are too subtle...and they would contradict the important stuff and create conflicts....the important stuff being USA USA USA and follow the dear leader.


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