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as for mumbos questions and statements
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, December 8 2007, 1:50:01 (CET)
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I remember reading pancho's posts over 6 years ago and he has always been the way I see him on here. The man is more serious about Assyrian heritage than these religious people who use it as a cover up. He held these views as long as I been aware of him. I don't know him personally but I respect him a lot and find it a privelege to be able to even write on this forum. I wouldn't accuse him of the things that most of these fanatic Christians are guilty of. The brother argues with facts, he supports his position and from my witnessing he's been kicking ass. I enjoy reading his posts and always have before when Iused to see his messages on other forums. We need more like this brother, and less of the Aprims, Dadeeshos and others punks.


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