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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 10:48:17 (UTC)
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Website title: is not Jews, not even Zionists, who keep up these attacks and crimes against Palestinians...the earliest Zionist movement had a solid reason to exist...the movement grew out of the persecution and fear among European Jewry...driven to the actual, not imagined, brink of extinction by Christians, in the 20th century, radical Zionism set its face against all common human decency, because they had seen very little for a thousand years, and determined that by any means necessary they were going to carve out an exclusively Jewish nation where, if the Holocaust ever came again, they could stand and fight and die together, on their own soil and not surrounded by seeming-friends and neighbors who could as easily hand them over or stand by silently while their children were once again dragged off.

But that was then...this is now. Zionism today is an arm of American war profiteering....Palestinians have been ready for decades to make peace with Israel, as have other Arab states, in return for their own country....a position supported by many Israelis and Jews world-wide. But, the American Zionists will not hear of this....even against the desires of the entire world, American Zionists persist in stirring up trouble for Israel...maintaining the fiction that Palestinians are bent on wiping all Jews off the face of the earth...this is American propaganda and's no different than the drumbeat for war they keep up against Islam and Muslims and Arabs etc. There is more money to be made in this field than all the washing machines and cars ever made...and it is ENDLESS and can only grow, missile after useless, but expensive, missile.


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