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at it, again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, August 30 2014, 14:30:21 (UTC)
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...some assyrian "council" in Europe has put out yet another set of "demandses" about what someone should give them because they are assyrians....all of it is nonsense, of course, the same stuff they've been "putting out" for at least 100 years and which no one pays any attention sentence struck me more than the rest of it....

"Furthermore, they neither see themselves as “people of Kurdistan,” nor do they consider their settlements in the Nineveh Plain as even being part of
“Kurdistan” – such a state that has never existed, hence there are not accepted boundaries for
what constitutes “Kurdistan.”

...what "they neither see themselves as..." is neither here nor there. They "see" themselves as descendants of the ancient Assyrians and no one, outside Wikipedia, sees them that way. They are a religious sect hiding behind a made-up ethnic identity in order to claim lands for their Christian sect. What people THINK they deserve has meaning only for them....there's no point in expecting others to agree with least not as a "position".

Kurdistan, has indeed existed and far more recently than any "Assyria"...and "Nineveh Plains" was only coined yesterday. Look at any map from 100 years ago and you'll see, plain as day, KURDISTAN...while you'll have to go back to Roman times to see any "Assyria"....Assyria ended long, long ago, as historical hysterical fantasy it persists till today...but that's only in the minds of hysterics.

Kurds have fought long and hard, I mean the real stuff, for their own lands...Assyrians have been begging all that time. If you can steal land and hold onto it long enough, it becomes yours. That's the way international law has worked for centuries...ask the Europeans who stole America.


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