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=> better dead than raped...or, where are our nationalists?

better dead than raped...or, where are our nationalists?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, May 29 2015, 18:09:12 (UTC)
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Where Are Our Nationalists?

In the first months of the attack on the Iraqi people so many of our nationalists were cheering Bush and Blair to attack, in hopes that this time-, at last, British and now American help in creating a country for them would finally materialize....there were even interviews with young assyrians in America who'd joined the military to “defend our ancient homeland”...not to mention petitions and diclarations (sic) from a number of gross illiterates such as Beth-Shlimon with “DEMANDSES”! (more sic).

Where are they now?

Once again, as in the past, our national dupes fell for championing foreign Christian forces attacking Iraq and its innocent people. It happened when Peter The Great moved his armies into Azerbaijan, inspiring the Christians to fight on his side and commit unspeakable atrocities against Muslim villages, stealing children and chickens and burning everything they could....(something they were made to pay for later, which we claim was pure “persecution” for nothing more than being Christians).

It happened again in 1915 when the Brits, already responsible for naming us Assyrian, convinced us they would give us a country of our own if only we would help them in their wars against the own family had to run to Iraq as a result of the backlash against this treachery.

Amazingly, you would think, after “reneging” on a promise they never put in writing, the same Brits came back in a few years to enlist Assyrians as Levies, a colonial police force to do their dirty work in Iraq and save them money...and we fell for it and were once again “betrayed” and also severely punished by the Iraqis for yet more acts of treason...which led our dimmer lights to believe salvation was across the border to Syria where the French would SURELY “do something for us”...they did, they sent us right back and we fought the Iraqi army which, like any sovereign nation did not appreciate, or allow, its citizens, especially those it had taken in for protection when they were running for their lives, to cross their borders at will and armed....a reprisal was called for and the innocent people of Semele paid the price for our own silliness, or at least that of a faction of those who ran from Iran and who now insisted Iraq was THEIRS....because of a British promise (and because, as per the Brits again, we were “Assyrians” the indigenous people of the land).

And then came Bush and our next chance to turn on our “dear homeland”....we paid his way even joined his forces in handing Iraq the worst catastrophe the country ever suffered, even more than Mongols brought with them and certainly worse than Saddam ever inflicted....we cheered, we wept with joy, we served, we defended, we “believed” because we have “faith”...if not in the Brits and Americans then at least in god...and got our just desserts from them all....treason does not go unpunished in this world.

I have no doubt that if in fifty years or a hundred when some other Christian nation decides to attack Iraq, our nationalists will cheer and weep and believe that this time...THIS time, surely someone will do something for us, and not just TO us.

What a strange love we bear dear old Nineveh. It's very like the father who loves his daughter so much that he can't stand the idea of her having been raped, and so he throws her out into the streets, or kills her.....because he loves her so that it's torture for HIM to put his arms around her, or look at her. That's our love for Nineveh...if we can't keep her to ourselves, if she is taken by another, a Muslim, then kill her, destroy her.

With “love” like this..........


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