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business model for government...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 13 2011, 18:48:11 (UTC)
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..people have grown so enamored of rich CEOs and super tycoons with their obscene and boring lifestyles that we've made heroes of them and think if they could only run our government the way they do their businesses we'd all get rich and famous too...the reality is that what businessmen have actually been doing for thirty years or more is not creating businesses and jobs, but dealing in junk bonds, leveraged buyouts and most of all trashing companies by first cutting wages, selling assets while reaping what profit remained and then selling off machinery and all else...which is exactly what has happened to the corporation known as America: the workers have seen their salaries and benefits gone, as a way for bosses to make "profits" the physical plant has been allowed to rot, to save on maintenance costs and then finally dismantled and sold off piece by piece...the exception was the computer industry but that too will conform to this new "business model".

Which is the reason so many wealthy people and rich businessmen are spending millions of their own money to gain isn't for the measly salaries or prestige, it's because this is an investment that can reap huge rewards when they begin dismantling and selling off America.

It's like the money you buy a company have to shell out at first, but then you reap the rewards on the back end...


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