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=> but, but...people LIKE what Trump says to them.....

but, but...people LIKE what Trump says to them.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, January 22 2017, 23:51:12 (UTC)
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...yes they do, and he knows how to tailor his words to snare the fools. His side keeps saying that as if it means Trump is out to benefit the people he makes his promises's as if we didn't have a good example right before us of what happens when Trump "says what people want to hear", in his Trump university scam.....there too he said "what people wanted to hear"...he told desperate people, down to their last small savings that he coudl teach them how to be rich like him, told them that if HE was rich, they could be too...told them he would hand-pick "experts" who would tell them, or rather sell them, his "secrets", which he couldn't tell them now but would later...AFTER the paid and borrowed to pay for his secrets...and he was being SUED at the same time he was making the same promises to voters...and they too BOUGHT IT!


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