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but he`s been RIGHT!
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, June 11 2007, 22:15:02 (CEST)
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...I find it hard to believe Castro believes Bush "made mistakes" in Iraq...or that what Bush wanted, and got, wasn`t achieved with a big BANG! Bush didn`t want democracy in Iraq...he didn`t want peace or liberation..he didn`t want to rebuild Iraq and set it on a right course..he wanted to do exactly what he`s done...ruin the country while providing an excuse to raise gas know, there is "uncertainty in the market". Sure there is!! That was the whole point!!! To MAKE the market the hell else could you raise prices so fast so high and get away with it?

And then of course there was the money drained from our Treasury to his pals...not to mention the Patriot Act, that wish list of Fascists masquerading as Conservatives...the entire thing has been one huge success...and it desperately needed a BANG to start off with...and several more to keep it the near certainty that there will be more big bangs...from Iran, hopefully, though North Korea is always fused and our Fascists need it to be.

How else could they have achieved all this success without a BANG?


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