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cliveden bundy....patiot.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 25 2014, 22:29:03 (UTC)
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...every so often a gun-type....second amendment type, neo-con conservative type lets slip how they really feel about Blacks, Jews and good thing about the Nevada Nut is that he helps bring to the surface all the Racism that never went away but went undercover...and got worse.

Racists didn't gather together and hatch a conspiracy...they didn't have to...all of them...all of them, saw the handwriting on the Constitution and knew the "good old" days were over...but only made them all the angrier...angry at women and their "rights", at Blacks and their "rights"...and then, just to frost their balls, along came Gays and Trans-people and really drove them over the edge.

They hide their anger behind the Second Amendment and their idiotic notions about the freedom to arm fight the government, maybe...but to kill Blacks, definitely...just give them time.

The best of all of this, because I always try to find the best in people, is the exposure of ass-kissing Oreo-Blacks who rushed to believe racism was over and they too could become Republicans and join the white country club set. They make me ill, with their supposed "equality" with whites who secretly, and not so secretly, despise them...but who were smart enough to know that the best way to stop Black opportunity was NOT to oppose them any longer, because that only kept them on the picket lines and in the streets...instead they opened the doors a crack and let the poor shmucks in so they could point to them and say..."what Racism???" they say now when they point to Obama and say the same..."Racism...we have a Black PRESIDENT"! yes...but no thanks to you.


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