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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Monday, May 12 2008, 8:11:43 (CEST)
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Let's see who really is the real terrorist when comparing Christians as a whole to Muslims. Christians always argue that Islam is terrorism and Muslims are evil barbarians who if they rule the world would kill and force everyone to embrace Islam at the point of a gun or sword. Now, not all Christians hold these views and certainly not the honest and sincere historians who have written a great deal on this matter. But let's just compare the two world communities and see who has been doing terrorism and decide.

One can start with Constantine the powerful ruler who after becoming Christian didn't become mercieful but rather began killing pagans and others whom his group considered to be either gnostics or heretics. The history of Christian kings and popes is well mentioned in books of how they were slaughtering pangans and others for refusing baptism. The estimated number of deaths in Europe during the early centuries of Christianity starting from the 4th century ce until later are well in the millions. There is the 30 year war, the hundred year war, the persecution of heretics, pagans, Jews and others. One can go on forever with how many millions of people were murdered and persecuted for resisting conversion. Yet we always hear that it was Muslims who did these things.

The Islamic era began shortly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and lasted for centuries. Within a short span of time, the Islamic empire stretched over three continents and ruled over mand kingdoms, lands and people of various religions. From Christians to Bhuddists and anything else, all came under Islamic rule yet such forced conversions were never seen. When Muslims had all the power to do suh things, they never did so but people were free to practice their faiths within the empire and their protection was guaranteed by the Islamic system. Christian rulers did not offer such oppurtunities to it's citizens as they persecuted, harrassed and killed Jews, Pagans and Muslims just because they refused conversions. While under Islamic rule, Jews Muslims and Christians lived in peace in Jersusalem and the crusades didn't even spare a horse but butchered everyone and anyone on sight. When Muslims regained control, Salhaddin Ayoubi did not do what the Christians did but he negotiated with the Christian armies when they surrendered and let them go in peace.

Now let's look at the last century or so. Christians have used atomic bombs, murdered millions by sanctions and attacked whole nations on excuse of 1 "bad guy". Muslims have never murdered entire villages, killing women and children, starving people to death and anything else. Even the weapons that Saddam and others had were given by Christians. Christians have been the number 1 weapon suppliers to the world and are the number one supporters of sanctions. It's funy that the Arabs before the Quran were barbaric people who were divided and hostile. They burried their infant daughters alive as it was a pagan custom of theirs, yet these same people united after the Quran and went on to not only take science to another level but create an amazing empire in which there were 2 capitals and people of various religions and ethnicities lived together. It was Islam which took the Arabs out of the darkness they were living in and it was the inspiration for their success which followed.

The Romans on the other hand were cruel before Christianity and remained so just as much after they converted to Christianity. They became more intolerant after Christianity and more oppressive. It seems like the message of "love" "peace" "unity" and all the other things that Christianty endorses were not working for the Romans, Spanish, English and the rest of the Christian world. I am not here trying to shoot shots or insult Christians but it is absurd and wrong to blame Muslims for things which Christians are guilty of. I am not going to sit here and say there aren't or weren't bad Muslims but what I am going to say is that Muslims as a whole, when they had the power for over a 1000 years to force and convert and do the other things they are accused of, they did not do the things that Christians did. Muslims have never used atomic bombs or destroyed entire villages, towns, and people. Muslims fought battles and many lands came under Islamic control, yet forced conversions, or killing people on account of religion was unheard of.

Christians still struggle to explain how it is that lands which never came under Islamic rule nor seen an Islamic army have some of the highest Muslim populations in the world, and lands which were ruled by Muslims for centuries still have significant non Muslim populations. Egypt has 10 million Coptic Christians. "Coptic" meaning old generations. They still eat pork, still believe in trinity, still lie and cinspire against Islam, yet they are still there. Just recently a Bishoph of the Coptic church in Egypt appeared on tv and admitted that since 1975 over 1.6 million Coptic Ehyptians have embraced Islam and he admitted and swore that they were not forced or kidnapped. I assume if he is a true Christian and fears God such person will not swear and lie. In fact, it is not in his favor to admitt such a thing but assuming he is just being sincere and honest. There are many other priests and church leaders who have from time to time admitted and even revealed some of the lies, slanders and myths created by the church against Muhammad, Quran and Islam.

Today the major sources and statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world and they further mention the large number of people in the West and the world that have been embracing Islam as people are searching for something missing in their lives. I am not trying to use this to glorify Islam since Islam don't need me but I am saying this because of all the slanders against Islam and who is forcing all these people to accept Islam by the sword? Where would Christians be if their faith was so attacked and slandered by the media and by Muslims? It was because of all these slanders that Westerners began searching and researching Islam from its sources. People have things missing in their lives, and money, sex, drugs, rock and roll and all the other things just simply don't explain nor help fulfill that missing something. So instead of slandering others or being prejudice and hostile, Christians should rather accept the invitation by Muslims and should rather cooperate with Muslims for the sake of this short life and world. Why do we have to slander one another or lie about someone. Christianity is pretty much known by everyone and people can determine for themselves.

Islam is also now available to everyone who is searching for something and honest and sincere people can choose for themselves what is right and wrong. In fact, it is these slanders and old and rotten myths and lies which inspired me to research Islam from its own sources. I can still remember Assyrians telling me to stay away so it will not confuse me and after having found Islam to be the truth for me I remember being asked to stop posting on an Assyrian forum. The web master emailed me asking me to go away and admitted to me that he was being emailed by everyone on the forum to ban me before I will have an impact on others and create problems within their community. They were so affraid to allow me keep posting and refute the lies and allegations. They were pretty much arguing with the same low class arguements that Jumbo Gumbo argues with. The bottom line is that it is Christians who have been killing people just for religion, forced conversions and have been imposing sanctions and dropping atomic bombs on people. But they are always blaming and slandering Islam. Before the creation of the Zionist state which is financed by Christians, Jews and Muslims lived not "side by side" but "together" in peace. Even Christians lived there too together.

Jews and Muslims still get along and this problem is created by the Christian west. They pretend that Arabs do not want Jews to live there when there were Jews already living there before. But when you bring a group of outsiders from the west and kill and drive others out of their home to make room for someone else that is wrong and will create problems. Israel is not a Jewish state and Jews do not support such a thing. It is is a Zionist state which in reality makes it product of the Christian west and its number one support comes from the United States Christians who vote for wars, sanctions and are on another "holy crusade" with Muslims and are setting Jews up for another holocaust as we speak. They want to make their stupid false prophecies come true no matter what and they will not allow this world to function in peace because they want us to believe it can only come with the return of their version of "Jesus the Christ". They pretend that they love Jews when in reality they hate them and are setting them up. It was Muslims who have always protected Jews or anyone from Christian persecution and injustice. Even today it is Iran which has the largest Jewish population in the Islamic world and its leader just recently claimed that the U.S and its allies is the real threat and problem to them and the world.

Jews have been living with Muslims for centuries now without fear or being harrassed and Christians want to pretend that Jews and the world is danger of being taken over by Muslims. Muslims had all the power before and proved that it is not the "evil vampire" which Christians want to portray to their own people but they are ordinary human beings with a strong love for God and doing what is right. Muslims have no intentions to take over the world and force everyone to convert to Islam. It is only ligic and a God given right to defend yourself against any harm and to seek justice. While Islam is always slandered, it is the right and duty of Muslims to challenge and refute these allegations. This has actually caused more people to use their mind and do some research about Islam and rethink their trust in their leaders, pastors and media.

So if Christians want to slander and play this game, it is only fair that Muslims will refute and challenge their bullshit. They have to play by the rules even though they don't like to do so. Even on youtube Christians post lies against Islam but when Muslims challemge that or post a respond video, it becomes banned. The world they live in is that only they can speak and be heard. As these bigot pastors say "Christ is the only way for salvation" so they can insult, lie, ban and do whatever else to others and especially Islam. I still find it funny that Christians get pissed at Jews for not believing in their dogmas when Jews have been reading the Old Testament far longer and understand better than som redneck pastor from Alabama. As brother Malcolm X stated ones, the Black woman was raped inorder to bring Christ into the family. They couldn't get their cheap "salvation" to be accepted by the African slaves as many were Muslims and others so they had to rape it into them. These assholes whant to argue they weren't allowed to teach their language in public schools yet forget that they been worse to people they ruled.

How else did a Black man receive a name "Johnny" and other white names and become a swine eating Christian if not his ancastor being forced. The Black man in America knows his roots and that is why so many of them return to Islam their original belief. Black Africans already knew about God long before the Christian white man came. The oldest available writings of Egypt, Uganda, and other areas in Africa speak of the "One and only Creator who is Holy and unique". Not a single African tribe worshipped images before the white man came as they use to say how can the "Most Holy" resemble anything in His creation", yet today the swine eating redneck has some Blaack Africans bowing down to staues and worshipping a false White man made saviour in order to eat, sring and survive. In other words, they have to be bribed with their survival in order to accept "the only way to salvation". Yet these have the nerves to slander Islam? I need a face like the one of some of these Christians.

Even the ancient Assyrians are not given credit but are actually made fun of by these swine eating Christia bigots who pretend that it was Christianity which brought civilization to the Assyrians. There is no records of ancient Assyrians ever converting to Islam nor is there any real mention of them during the time of Jesus(pbuh). In fact, this Agbarus or Abgar that is always talked about, he not portrayed as Assyrian but a King in the Land beyond the Euphrates". The ancient Assyrians were long civilized before Christianity and fell long before. To pretend that they remained 100% pure for the next 600 years or so and then converted to Christianity as a whole is baseless and a myth created by the Syriac church in order to cover up. The ancient Assyrians just like all other ancients of Mesopotamia are the ancastors of the modern people of Iraq and other areas. So whoever wants to argue otherwise can do so on the Assyrian forums which are in reality nothing but Christian nazi forums runned and catering to trash like Jumbo Gumbo and his kind. The kind that lived in toilets in Syria but thought of themselves as better than the Arab of the same class.


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