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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 6 2007, 20:24:36 (CET)
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I must have heard wrong...seeing by an article about Narasi's dinner in the new Zindalite the sculpture brought only $14,000...not $15,000. Don't know where I got that figure from..maybe the wine.

There are some intersting articles on there..not because of what they actually report but because of the mess they make of things. Many of them speak reverently about the new assyrian youth who are going to Congress and European Union meetings to represent the Assyrian cause. I'm afriad they're doomed to failure...they'll get a polite hearing until it comes time to implement anything based on their so-called exclusive rights as a Christian minority to the Assyrian name and that point all their well laid plans will evaporate.

There's absolutely no difficulty in exposing their fraud..none at we can see. And if they try to claim that as Christians they need special consideration for what Islam has done to them, that's even easier to blow out of the water...the facts are all there, supplied by Christian historians, no those levels Saddam's secretray or chauffer just won't count.

It's sort of too bad, I mean all that ablilty wasted...but then, judging by their utter simplcity in believing these myths, never questioning or looking about them for more information...maybe it's best they stay where they are...mythical work suits them best.


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