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...critical of Maher
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, March 1 2011, 22:28:29 (UTC)
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I found this comment interesting on Maher and Ariana Huffington (Huff Post) from a Progressive secular-Jewish site

"Thought more folks like yourself Ariana and other MSM talking heads would pick up more on the guy who won the award for the documentary about the banksters would recieve more attention when he said "not one of these bankers has been held accountable".

"Really like Bill Maher. Terribly funny. But completely unable to apply his sarcasm and wit to the crimes against humanity that Israel commits. Same goes for Jon Stewart. They can slash and bash the Iranian President, etc. but when it comes to criticizing Israel's ongiong expansion of illegal settlements etc. they fall into line. Well so do you Ariana."


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