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cute again....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, June 30 2013, 19:56:48 (UTC)
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Taoro wrote:
>Yeah maby ill read the one you recommend hagarism... i dont know if you are trying to strengthen us by provoking us or if you realy have these retarded ideas?

..what else can he do but be cute? He wont read...he wont think...he just repeats his homework. I gave him actual incidents, well documented, when assyrians sided with attacking Christians to murder innocent Muslims....and if that wasn't enough, if those incidents were too far back for him to handle...what about the war against Iraq? What about our idiots saying this war was a "Golden Opportunity"? That surely NOW Americans and Britishers would "give us what we deserve"...and they got it too...only it fell far short of what they THINK they deserve...they got used, again, and flushed away when done.

..people NEED toilet paper too...but they don;t keep it around after they've used it...they don;t fondle it and pet it and stroke it and contemplate it the way these assyrians thought they'd be valued if only they "served their purpose".

...SURPRISE!!!!! any spoiled brat these assyrian princes, who were cooed over and fussed with and carried the sad dreams and hopes of their desperate and despairing parents that they would amount to SOMETHING, these illiterate darlings of the family actually grew up believing they didn;t have to DO anything to win acclaim...because their parents made much of them when there wasn't MUCH tjere to make anything of...

...I remember so well assyrians saying about an aspiring young assyrian piano player or artist etc....when faced with what this darling actually could DO..."kumit ill-e, suraye ill-e"...meaning, "no matter how sad and pathetic and hopeless this assyrian prince is, say nothing to make him feel bad because, after all...he is ASSYRIAN!!!

...and we have reaped the reward for this misguided way of showing "love" to our hairy little darlings...which is also why our women and girls tend to be so much more mature and interesting, because they had to WORK, from an early age...and not just cleaning up after their hairy brothers but also coming to grips with the sense of injustice and even rage they were forced to confront and resolve at the way they were treated vs the easy path made for the family prince...and those princes are with us still, still looking for the easiest way, like germs which always seek the path of least resistance....they don't have to read, they don;t have to think, they don;t have to earn degrees, they don't have to fight, they don;t have to achieve much of anything because they are MEN and they are ASSYRIAN and that should be enough for the world because it was enough for mommy and daddy and little sister too...not to mention the assyrian nayshun!


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