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define Arabization?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 3 2007, 22:08:38 (CET)
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Jumbo tried to pull a fast one...for him. Realizing that we w ere onto him because we didn't blindly accept the old refrain about how Muslims killed and forcibly converted us and unable to find even one instance when this occured...he changed tactics and came up with Arabization as a way of saying the same thing; that we weere "disappeared" by islam.

But how? If we were NOT forcibly converted to islam and we were NOT massacred just for our religion..and if we had our Millet System and lived in peace(more than Christians lived with Christians) among Arabs and Turks as well as co-existed and intermarried with Kurds...bbarring normal blood fueds and raids common to the entire human race...and if we have kept to this day our own religion and then were we Arabized? In what way?

Did we become Arabs somehow? Did we become Muslim by force...or by choice...the same way we were Christianized? In truth we weren't Arabized either....we lived under Muslim rule as practised in Iraq...which was far different than what it remained in Mecca and Medina.

Jumbo didn't explain anything...he just shifted from one non-concept to another....once again counting on buzz words to set our heads nodding agrement....let him now explain just how the Nestorians were Arabized...aside from using the Arabic language in their rituals...and since there were Arabs in BetNahrain before Muhammad...what does Islam have to do with it?

Where is he? At least he has some fire in his belly where Mumbo has Vaseline.


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