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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 27 2007, 19:44:54 (CET)
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"by contrast with a genocide, an ethnocide is not necessarily intentional." other words what the West has been doing to its immigrants, not to mention its Natives, for centuries. The Millet System of Islam came into existence precisely to save the ethnic, linguistic and cultural heritage of the other religious groups living under Muslim rule. Had Muslims wanted to conduct "ethnocide", they would merely have forced all their people to live under Islamic Law...but they didn't do that...because they had respect for the culture and heritage and gods of the Jews and Christians living among them.

...incidentally, it is illegal to speak Spanish at work in California and there's a movement to have English declared the "national language" of America...these things aren't new...but it is to islam's credit that they, and only they, made special provisions for the Jews and Christians allowing them to be ruled by their own religious leaders and determine the structure of their own long as they obeyed those parts of the law dealing with civil peace, taxes etc. This special consideration was never extended to Jews and Muslims by Christian nations.

Main Entry: ethnocide

Part of Speech: n

Definition: "intentional and systematic destruction of an ethnic culture."

...the key words are "intentional" and "systematic". This means that it was the clear intent and a system was put in place etc. Rather than provide any evidence of "intent" or any "system"...Beth Shlimon(who is really Jumblat) has merely stated his "beliefs" and prejudices once more.

...for instance the Nazis, good Christians all, created a whole network and special forces whose sole duty was to search out and stamp out all Jews and Jewish "influence"...this was indeed Genocide AND well as a Holocaust. By contrast the Arabs did no such thing...they could easily have wiped out all Christian influence and memory if they wanted to...instead they learned from and adopted much of the culture of BetNahrain..even to protecting and preserving Classical literature and science from marrauding Christians...and their reverence for Jesus and the bible is well known.

Beth-Jumblat has taken a word...and told us it applies to the situation HE describes...what is lacking is any evidence that the "situatioon" ever existed....we can easily accept Merriam Webster, we just reject Fred Aprim or any of the self-proclaimed "historians" and "authors" who bastardize the English language in their propaganda efforts...just as these same types did when it came to the Jews the last time they laid the groundwork for a Genocide.


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