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demonizing Islam
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, November 3 2015, 17:26:38 (UTC)
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...don't people hear echoes of the great demonizing of Judaism and Jews, which culminated in a grand Holocaust only 70 years ago, going on now where Islam is concerned? What is the difference?

If you raise this issue with Muslim-haters they will tell you it's very different today, today Muslims are a REAL threat! But that's exactly what Christians said about Jews all along. They'll admit that that "other" thing was the product of lies and propaganda and then go on to say that today we are being told the TRUTH. Today we can see those claims about Judaism as plain racist and bigoted and just plain wrong. Today we are embarrassed that we ever held such views and what we did to countless innocent Jews because of those lies and the skillful propaganda which made Christians actually believe that Jews were coming for THEM, instead of the other way around.

But raise that issue today and every Muslim-hater will tell you essentially the same thing; Muslims are coming for us, they hate us, they are trying to kill us, they are sneaking into our countries to destroy us, and all because of their religion, when it is WE who are entering THEIR countries and doing a good job of destroying THEM....and claiming self-defense, just as Hitler did regarding the "threat" of Judaism and the need to act quickly(preemptivly?) before the Jews achieved their goal. So let's starve Jewsish children to death in the Warsaw ghetto before they grow up into adult fighters, or interbreed.

The biggest lie we spread now is that Muslims are fighting us because they hate women in the workplace, or mini dresses, or Hollywood and our "style of life" our freedom and liberty and all of that (which they supposedly hate but are at the same time envious of...go figure). Sure, they don't care for what they see as our permissive society(same as our fundamentalists believe) but no Muslim is blowing himself up because our women can go to university...or because this is what their religion tells them to. If that was the case they would have been jihadding us for centuries....but they didn' why now?

It's happening now because of what we have DONE to them, not because we have porn. Because we're the ones who helped install and protect and then maintain in power a series of brutal tyrants and kings who abused their people and sold off their national resources cheap so long as they got their cut from us. And who wouldn't be angry at such treatment? All of THAT was ok with them, but short dresses on our women was too much?

This is such a huge lie, right up there with Jews draining blood from Christian babies to make their bread from. We can see, today, that one is a monstrous fabrication but we believe the utterly weird that is.


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