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doesn't matter to me...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 10 2011, 0:05:37 (UTC)
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...who believes in what. Why should I argue with their beliefs? It only matters when people do despicable things as a result of those beliefs....but if atheists did the same horrible things, I would be as pissed at them....but at least they wouldn't add the crime of blaming a god for their actions...and then beg forgiveness of him; their own creation. me, and I can prove this, Christianity is the bloodiest religion we humans have ever is the most bloodthirsty...indeed it is rooted, at its very core, in bloodlust and human sacrifice, not to mention cannibalism and worse...and these are FACTS, not beliefs...also Christianity is the religion that forced people to convert on pain of death...not Islam and not any other major religion....only Christianity did this...and that also can be proven...with evidence, not beliefs or faith. saddens me that any Muslim nation practice female infibulation (cutting off of the clitoris and sewing the vagina shut)...but then Christian and Jewish nations allow or demand male circumcision....BUT, infibulation is NOT part of the Quran, at least. It is an African tribal relic....On the famous other hand, genital mutilation is in the BIBLE! I would not go to war to stop Muslims from behaving badly because they keep their terrors for their own people...they do not travel 10,000 miles around the world to wage wars against innocent nations or people.

In the last 200 years Christianity has given us two world wars plus any number of ongoing wars which have killed and maimed millions and millions...Islam has not done this...neither has any other religion or the followers of any other religion.

All religions are NOT the same. I am not interested in their peculiar beliefs...whether you cross with two fingers or three or believe Christ is one, or one in two or three for four, or Muhammad is the last or Moses was the first...I'm talking about what a religion DOES...not what it believes or where it got its beliefs from or what Aquinas thinks of those beliefs...more specifically I am concerned with those religions which have gone out of their way to attack OTHERS...not just their own people. In that regard Christianity is far and away the worst of the lot.

I'm quite ready to back these statements with evidence and facts.....


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