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ebola and "forever wars"...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, October 3 2014, 15:10:04 (UTC)
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..part of the reason Africa is so wracked by disease and a lack of services is that everyone's energy has gone into either war or running from war...for decades now internal wars and devastation have been the daily lot of Africans...with such a break down of basic government services, lack of doctors and medicines and hospitals, along with other factors, you wind up with a weakened system, and like a weakened body, it becomes prone to disease....

...we're on the verge of replicating those condition in the Gaza, in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.....widespread disease and starvation decimated an entire generation in Iraq...and the effects are still ongoing....and it spread...just like we said it would.

Just as you can't let off a bomb in a crowd and choose who will be killed, you can't destroy one country without hurting all its neighbors.

The MidEast has been the playing field and testing ground for American warmakers for decades's where they go to justify the cost of their weapons, to test them, to "showcase" them and to improve's a business, folks...a business that has great selling points, such as "we do this to protect YOU".


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