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email exchange with Andre Anton.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, June 30 2011, 16:17:26 (UTC)
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For a couple of days we've been going back and forth. I started it when I saw a short clip from a film of his called "Denying Deletion". I was alarmed by the little I saw and wrote to tell him so....Andre visited this site briefly some years back but left from boredom or because we were too anti-Christian and therefore pro-life for him. He seemed like a nice enough fellow and that he was involved in film was definitely a plus...except now I see he uses film to spread propaganda which I think needs to be confronted.

As the exchange continued I decided to post it here in its entirety...naturally Anton was not pleased and refused permission. I sent him the entire exchange for his review and asked him to make any changes or deletions....both of us got carried away as happens when people are shooting from the hip...and much of it is besides the point and just muddies the waters...he refused and said again that I must not post. But I have to. My own belief is that one should never put anything in an email one doesn't want the world to see, because one way or the other it will.

Frankly I was surprised that he was so protective of himself...when Iraqi girls are fully exposed to the violence Andre's pals at the State Department have been raining down on them. Since Andre refused to review and delete or change passages then I can't do it to my posts....let us all be "exposed", warts and all, and take our chances.

Actually it would have been better to edit these exchanges for the sake of clarity and to get rid of repetition and boring filler....but here they are.



How have you been? Roma is here from school and showed me a trailer from your film "Defying Deletion"...

I must say that you play fast and loose with the English language in your use of the word "genocide". Most us do, without bothering to define the word the way it is commonly understood but rather in a way which diminishes its original meaning and intent.


P'sheyno Farid,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the thoughtful email. Your comments have to do with the philosophical nature of my actions. And your assumptions are quite biased perhaps from your past experience with Assyrians. Actually, I have to with you that everything that has happened to Assyrians has nothing to do with religion but for different reasons.

My viewpoint is that humans will always look for ways to persecute each other, whether it be through race, religion, skin color and so on and so forth. And even if we were the same in all of these respects, we would still look for reasons to fight. Why?

Whether an individual or group consciously or not choses to follow this path, he or they are are acting according to the path of nature/'human nature'. I believe that humans have a choice not to act according to this path in every scenario. One of them being the persecution of each other, as we are all part of the human race.

So my fight, as an Assyrian, is to make people conscious of the other possibility. The path of grace, and choosing this path in the instance of humans persecuting each other can be avoided with humanitarian films like mine. I've seen the reaction from my audiences in festivals across the country, and it is very positive.

Regarding the word Genocide, there are two ways to understand this term. There is the modern textbook term which scholars use to describe past events in the last hundred years. And then there is the emotional use of the term to express the harsh reality that is currently happening to Assyrians.

Without a place to call home, Assyrians will leave their ancestral homelands and assimilate into whatever modern countries they are in (much like your family and my family are already starting to do). No one can deny that what is happening today in Iraq, with Assyrians being forced to leave, will eventually lead to the extinction of Assyrians. A silent extinction at that because we are not being mass murdered on a grand scale like the textbook use of the term genocide.

In other words, Assyrians are facing an ongoing, slow/soft Genocide. To reverse that, we need to have our rights secured in Iraq. And the pricks running the country now and before have never allowed this. They want Assyrians to continue to be a culture of survival so that we will leave. And not a thriving culture because that will save us, and the American Government has the most influence to change this. Hence, a screening on Capitol Hill in a couple weeks is most appropriate.

Hope you're doing well. Please tell Roma I said hello.


Your technical skills are without question...your motives are something else. Christians, Assyrians if you prefer, have suffered in Muslim countries because of what they have DONE and not because of what they in every such instance the actions of a few have screwed it for the rest. We have collaborated with Iraq's enemies time and again right up to the present day and this has earned us the resentment and hostility of our Muslim neighbors....Imagine the Soviet Union attacking and occupying the United States while Russian Americans cheered on and worked in collaboration with this country's occupiers.

Since European missionaries began working their tricks among us in the 18th and 19th Centuries, our people have opened themselves up to suspicion and periodic retaliation. This is not has never been genocide. Had Muslims wished to wipe out all Christians they could easily have done so in 1400 years....rather the Ottoman Empire was the only place on earth where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peace, greater peace than ever Christian lived with Christian in Europe.

Anyway...what a pity your manifest talents could not be put to the service of truth rather than propaganda, even if well-intentioned. The Christian remaining in Iraq are going to suffer and have suffered grievously , not because they are Christian or Assyrian but because of what a coalition on western Christian nations have DONE to Iraq. Iraqis would be as pissed at any Muslims who collaborated with the United States and its band of thug nations.

Always a pleasure to hear from you


You keep arguing back in terms of Christianity vs. Islam and it's a circle I refuse to enter because it will only make me dizzy and divert my energy towards making a true difference. No matter what you can not justify human suffering (of Assyrians) based on the fact of others' actions; it's an argument that is illogical and unjustifiable. MURDER OF INNCOCENT PEOPLE IS WRONG. End of story.

======================== cannot seriously say that Christianity vs Islam plays no part in're just burying your head in your own sand...if you want to condemn injustice and murder how about making a film about the 700,000 Iraqi children under the age of five starved to death by United States sanctions...33,000 of whom were one is justifying human suffering, I'm telling you not to add to it by claiming that Christians in Iraq are being "persecuted" or have been...this only inflames the situation...if anyone has suffered in Iraq it is ALL the Iraqi single out your own group as worthy of special acre or claim they have special rights is to increase their suffering, not lessen it.

By the way, I would still like a single example from you of a massacre or genocide of innocent Christians BECAUSE they were Christians...but son;t feel bad...I've made this challenge to many Assyrians and they haven't been able to give a single example either...I was rather hoping you would choose Semele, in which case I could test just what you think you know of Semele and what led to it.


Here are your illoogical actions: Sitting at home complaining to the world and to people making who are trying to do something positive.

...that is my entire claim: that you are NOT doing anything positive but rather something quite the opposite...and it isn't only me saying it...on 60 Minutes an American commander speaking of the Assyrians in Iraq said they do not want protection, because this breeds ever more hatred and are proposing that special protection be given to Assyrians based on their special "rights"...and you hint that they have a separate and legal claim to some part of Iraq, this is leads to arrest, prison and execution if not encourage people stuck over there to make these claims, or, worse, to make them on their behalf, from far away, will only increase their may make you feel better, feel like you "did something"...but recognize that it is for YOUR benefit that you do this and not they would tell you if they could, like they told the American commander.

Being complacent about Assyrian suffering and defending murderers' actions while nobody listens. one is defending murder or ignoring human suffering, but to be credible, to be believable, and to be trusted, you must condemn ALL the suffering of ALL the Iraqi people whose lives have been shattered by this illegal war...all you are doing is playing partisan politics and selective humanity. If, as a concerned human bean and Christian you had made a film about the suffering of all the people of Iraq, you would help every segment of the population...while YOU may think "Islam and Christianity are beside the point" in this conflict, everyone on the ground in Iraq knows different. They are all "your" people....not just some.


The opposite of love is not hate but complacency. You, sir Farid, are an interesting duality of both. writing to you plus all the writing I've been doing for ten years is hardly complacency and while I don't believe in what the AID Society is doing I've given them sculpture to auction off for the last ten years with which they've raised over $100,000.00.....because while I don't believe in their efforts to "maintain an Assyrian presence in Iraq"...those are still innocent children and if anyone asked me I would donate the same to help Muslim children....

...your beliefs and efforts are going to make things worse for the Christians of Iraq...but none of you people really care about them...this is al about YOUR resumes...about how to assuage YOUR consciences because you know you are the same people paying for all this mayhem and violence through your about complacency in the face of direct participation in crimes against humanity.

Make your films, have your screenings, make your fellow Assyrians weep and thank you...just know that none of it is done to benefit the people you claim to care about...if you cared your efforts would have been directed at stopping the is better to intervene and stop a rape, or at the least try, than to provide towels so the woman can wash herself after...that's all you're doing.

..and regards to you as well


did you know that 6 of my family members 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins were in our lady of salvation church attack? that's a high ratio out of 58 murdered. did you know in the bus bombings several months before i had another 3 family members murdered. my family is there and want to remain despite what YOU want or think is best for them. even after all this.

...that's your family...make a film for them. The hundreds of thousands who have been forced to leave also wanted to stay and tried to, and but for this war they would have, including the 700,000 murdered children, done to death by the western coalition. I also lost family...but that's all the more reason not to make the situation worse...if your child was kidnapped by people you know to be bloodthirsty killers, would that really be the time to call them names? The few Christians left are surrounded by pissed as hell Muslims who have every reason to want to see every Christian they can get their hands on killed or worse...and you want the same people who brought this war to Iraq to give special protection to their fellow-Christians...really?

i have received dozens of emails from youth in baghdad and in mosul and throughout northern iraq who are very proud of this film in the awareness it's bringing mostly bc it makes them feel like WE (living in the West) care. in the West are PAYING for this war..of course you feel badly and want to ease your conscience....the fact that you bring pride to young people trapped in a war zone says nothing about how they will survive after the Americans leave...besides we are notorious for not knowing where our best interests lie.

you have some nerve telling me that i don't care but about my resume when i spent 3 years working on this project despite no investment and all from my own pocket with no expected return.

...whoa're coming to the wrong person to wail about how difficult it is to survive as a free-lance artist...I've done it longer than you and raised five children on top of I know. Let's stick to the point...I don't fault your skill, only your lack of judgment and honesty..I mean the real stuff.

so much to say about your worthless relics that you were paid thousands to make to place in the middle of no-where barely noticed.

...ouch. I see I got to you. If I were to play the same game I'd tell you that your film will be long forgotten while my useless relics are still on public display...but this is stupid and not to the, like many others, are so caught up in "what we have suffered", not to mention your supposed martyrdom that you never see how you make it worse and even bring it fairness I haven't seen the entire film...but from the little I saw I heard the old, tired claims about persecution and the rest of it...what I'm saying is that you distort words, meaning, content and history in this single-minded drive to gain pity in hopes that someone will feel so sorry for you that they will DO something for you...for Assyrians. there any way you'd agree to have this exchange posted on out thingie? I won't do it without your consent and I'll hide any reference to you...though I can't see why you would be afraid to make your beliefs is, after all, what you are doing in your film....

climb down off the ceiling...


(at this point he sent another clip...even worse)

I watched the clip you is exactly as I are ignoring the larger context, you are ignoring the far larger humanitarian crisis and war crimes visited on all the Iraqi are USING the suffering of the Christians to promote this notion that the Assyrians deserve some special protection...if anyone needs special protection from far greater violence and danger than the masked people you show holding rifles it is all Iraqis from western weapons and madness...yet you make no mention of the larger crime but choose instead to focus on what you think will be advantageous to this notion of the Nineveh Plains belonging to you...THAT is your interest, not human too see this tragic war as a ":golden opportunity"...and if you manage to get that many more Christians killed through your propaganda you'll see them too as weapons in your striving for pity, pity that just might translate into getting you some territory or other...that will never happen. All you'll achieve is getting more Christians killed...but then maybe that's a tactic...what other "action" do you people take?

(at this point I mentioned a clip from CBS 60 Minutes)

Farid, you make absolutely no sense. Americans and most of the world know nothing about what is happening to them.

...the American commander knew what is happening..and he said that the Assyrians asked America NOT to protect their churches, specifically asked them NOT to, because they realize that such special treatment will backfire and make things, like most of those who feel as you do believe that if only America KNEW what terrible things wer ebeing done, U<ncle Sam would RUSH in with help...even if that was true, and it isn't, the people themselves are saying they don't WANT special help from the same people who've attacked and murdered hundreds of thousands of their children...why is that so hard for you to understand and why do you discount what they themselves are saying? Why DON'T the Assyrians over there beg for America's help? Why? And why do you do it FOR them, when they say they don't want it? Are YOU listening or do you have your own guilt-reducing agenda?


That is why this is happening to them, not because we are trying to put a focus on Assyrians when all of Iraq is suffering. Everything that Assyrians have been doing in the past 30 years, whether it be through ethnic cleasing or mass gencoide is the reason why we are in the situation.

..there you go using terms you either don't understand or don't care to...perhaps you believe that crying wolf will work for you, but the rest of the world knows what these words mean and those responsible know that there is no ethnic cleansing and certainly no genocide going on...but it serves your purposes to make these claims, that's why I say you are wasting your talents on propaganda...sure, it's propaganda YOU happen to like and believe in, but it is not true...Assyrians in Iraq are suffering because of a war brought to the country by foreign Christian nations which has caused understandable resentment of native Christians who have even gone to work for the attackers...and you want to say the retaliation is strictly based on the religions involved?

Our voices have been silenced over and over.

...who is silencing you?

The world is afraid to be anti-Jewish because they succesfully made it the absolute wrong thing to do.

...the situation faced by the Jews has no bearing or similarity to what you claim to have suffered...there were no Jewish nations to take in refugees from Europe....while we were able to move to any Christian nation and live well...there is no comparison either in terms of genocide...for over 1000 ymears European Christians have been trying to wipe out Jews...the Holocaust was normal, as far as Christian anti-Jewish actions are concerned, but, whatever you think you have suffered in those countries began when wetsern Christians began meddling there...the Turks are called, by western Christian historians, the "gentlemen" of the Middle Ages and the Ottoman Empire was the only place on earth where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in peace...there is NO history of persecution equal, or even close, to what Europeans did to Jews was completely out of character for the Turks to do what they were accused of, which happened during another illegal war against them brought by the West...but what Jews suffered was an ongoing and well-recorded and recognized culmination of a pattern going back at least 1000 are accusing the Muslims unjustly, based on emotion and prejudice and poor education. I asked you for evidence, and you have given just keep repeating the same charges and phrases over and if that makes them true. That's why I call what you are putting out propaganda....because there is no evidence for is merely what you prefer to believe...and the fact that the State Department is interested in your propaganda isn't surprising at all because you play right into their support their claims that Muslims, and not Christians, are the real terrorists here....

Same with the Armenians. drivers, Aprims and Rosie-Maleks make these claims about an Armenian genocide...real historians dispute the claim...there is no consensus on the Armenian claims, just a lot of propaganda. I heard all the same nonsense you did growing up...but when I grew up I tried to educate myself, to read real historians and real history and also THINK.

No one messes with these people because over 100 countries recognize what the Ottoman Turks did. SILENCE MEANS MORE PERSECUTION.

...politicians in those countries for their own reasons believe these claims...real historians do not....I don;t get my facts from propaganda.

I refuse to discuss further with you if you think otherwise because doing nothing, and not letting the world know what is happening to us,

..what is happening to us is the natural outcome of an illegal war....we are suffering because of that war and not because of any bias against us...Muslims had 1400 years to wipe us "cleanse" us and they never ALL refuse to discuss further when you see that your opinions will not be accepted as facts!

and not requesting aid from both Iraq and the American Gov'ts is PROVEN that what happened to my family will continue to happen to Assyrians. has been happening to innocent Iraqis too, and no one has cared to stop it...what makes you think you and your family count for more? Why, when Americans are killing innocent Muslim babies do you think they will care about innocent Christian babies? Why, because they are Christians too? Do you mean to tell me that Christians have never murdered Christian babies?

Awareness is key not your complacency/let things ride out/join the Muslim sentiments philosophy. Awareness, awareness, awareness is key. Get it or not, you are absolutely wrong. History proves this.

..all of you taxi driving historians make these "historical" claims...the odd thing is you only make them to yourselves...I doubt you've studied any history at've read Aprim's books or books by missionaries and actresses who stroke your balls in that special way you like....and all you've gotten and all you will ever get are more losses...and these losses are being brought to you by those same Christian Americans and British you had "faith" in all along...we Assyrians have brought this misery on ourselves by consistently betraying our neighbors and fellow-countrymen and women in favor of the foreign Christians, each time believing and ACTING as if they had come to SAVE us...and each time they leave, as they will again, leaving us stranded again among our Muslim neighbors who will now have their are willing to risk this for us again to appeal to Americans to DO SOMETHING...and when they leave, it will be remembered and those Assyrians you claim to want to help will catch hell for it...not you., do I have your permission to post all of this on our forum? Seems to me you should have the courage of your convictions.....right now five year old Iraqi girls have more courage than I've seen from any of you "lions".

If I don't hear from you I'll assume I have your consent.


...I love your Assyrian name.


The fact is that your generation has espically failed the Assyrian cause and will continue to do so because they have only done exactly what you have done.

...that is not a fact, it is an would help if you knew the difference..also it would help, not just those whom you engage in conversation but your own thinking as well if you would define your terms..for instance, just what is the Assyrian "cause" you see it?

It's your generation that sat quite all these years blaming everyone but themselves for the ignorant devides and complacency that things will get better if Iraq gets better.

...not me. I knew things would get worse and worse because of the way WE're the one blaming Arabs, Iraqis, Qurds, Turks and who knows who else....we have to take responsibility for where we are and stop blaming and then begging others.

..things were fine before this war...sure, there were problems, but there are problems between minorities and the dominant group in every country on people like to pretend that you suffer some unique disabilities which the world must do something about because you clearly can't. WE made things worse for ourselves in Iraq, from the beginning when we ran there for safety.

...the best thing that can happen for the few remaining Assyrians is to GET OUT...they can always go back later, but there is a bloodbath coming which you are only making worse with your propaganda.

And we are reversing that downward slope. are? Where, how...when? It's easy enough to SAY these things, but what do you mean, exactly? This is what I am calling merely make statements you WISH to be true and take them for the truth because YOU said them...give examples.

I realize that is what you are afraid of. You hate yourself so much for being Assyrian that you want Assyrians to cease to exist.

...oh come on....every critic of Israel who is Jewish is said to hate himself...and those who are not Jewish are said to hate Jews! Can you never take criticism without getting up on your hind legs and shouting tha you are HATED?

You can stay in Mexico doing nothing and make a real differnce doing nothing. Watch and learn from the younger generation who have seen your mistakes and the mistakes of your generation and have learned from those mistakes and wont repeat them. Time for the youngens to teach the old folks their wrongs with the right actions. ;) You think Assyrians haven't whined before? You think they haven't tried to "tell the world" before? You actually think your minute of propaganda is going to make a difference? Look to whom you are appealing? The SAME people who brought this misery to's that for "knowing history"?

at least you kept it short.


since you haven't responded I am assuming I have your permission to post our exchange on our website....let's see if your generation has any more courage than the last ones...let's see you confront people with these views of yours...but let me don't have "time to waste" people always say this when you've said your say and have nothing more to add by way of explanation or example...if only life were so simple.


I don't need your was a courtesy. One should always remember that one should never put anything in an email one doesn't wish the world to know...I can't imagine why, as a hero of young Assyria who will show courage and conviction where previous generations lacked it, and Iraqi girls now have it, you would refuse to share your views with a broader public...I'll give you the chance to go through your responses and alter anything you don't like....and then I'll post them all...let's put your convictions where your secret mouth is.


your rudeness is the real reason why i am not willing to take the time to properly express my views.

I know...and the meanness of the Qurds is the reason you blah blah will all go politely down to defeat, which isn't a bad thing at all..the real crime is that you are going to take innocent Iraqis down with you...
that was apparent from the get-go.

we obviously disagree with each other's view for our own reasons, so i think it's best to stop while we can still respect each other.

...I haven't lost any respect for you...your head was filled with this crap when you were young and naturally you believed it all...after all, how many of us can tell our parents they are wrong?

look forward to meeting you in person one day so we can really have a proper debate. too.

emails to me are a waste of time and not everything is expressed the way you want them to be.

....obviously I depends how much time and effort and honesty you put in them...if you shoot your mouth off in private and believe what you say, why the fear? Your views, your beliefs your opinions but not your facts, are dangerous to the Christians of all of you people were throughout our have called on foreigners and Christians to come to our rescue and it has cost us far as I'm concerned your views and you need to be discussed and are the one who has gone public with your beliefs and now with your aren't a private person any longer and to me you are a danger to the peace and security of the few Assyrians left in Iraq...for your own narrow reasons you will use them to further your fuzzy goals...since you aren't concerned about THEIR right to privacy and peace of mind, I don't see where your worries in this regard are worthy of respect.

i'm assuming if you're anything like Roma, then I know you'RE A LOT MORE RESPECFUL IN PERSON.

...I am the way I am...there is no private or personal or public when it comes to this.....your films and views are a danger to the Assyrians of Iraq, far more dangerous than any Muslims actions....and you will not even consider the reasons I give for this....I'm giving you the chance to alter or delete what you don't like...and by the way, how many Lions of Assyria go to young women to speak to their daddies for them? If you did nothing else to expose yourself, this was it.

This is the courage Assyria can expect to save itself with? Really?

How about you make a concerted, serious, coherent case for your beliefs and the things you believe should be done, and why....take your time, make your case, take it seriously and I'll post that instead.

This isn't a joke with me...this isn't a resume enhancer, this isn't about being popular with your friends or winning praise. This is historical reality, this is reaching an end-game in which the Christians of Iraq are going to be left to the mercies of their neighbors and fellow-countrymen and women...and you won't be anywhere around to help, if you're going to spread the same kind of propaganda which I claim got us into these messes in the first place, you have an obligation to defend your point of view and the actions you are taking...if you refuse then I think people should know that you have no serious case to make and are merely playing with people's lives...and calling that art.


Or is it that I don't care to explain my actions to someone who knows no responsebility and is full of contempt?

...nice isn't contempt which brought me to donate Assyrian sculpture to an Assyrian cause which raised over $100,000.00 for Assyrians in Iraq...that isn't irresponsible either...I could as easily ask what you've actually done to actually impact the day to day lives and needs of Assyrians in Iraq, besides use them for your propaganda purposes...but this is all besides the point....

I would rather show you how you're wrong through my actions.

....then you admit there is no thought behind your actions...which is exactly my started this exchange by trying to explain yourself...then gradually you gave that up in favor of personal attacks and are all alike: you've learned a set of beliefs and all you can do is repeat them...and as soon as you're challenged and have to come up with facts and evidence and make coherent arguments to someone BESIDES your pals and reply with insults and then refuse to engage altogether...I see your actions in these emails...and the little I've seen of your film tells me all of your "actions" I need to see...what I am doing now is asking you for the reasons behind those "actions"...and you tell me to look at your actions all over again....

...why do you people always cut and run, accusing those who challenge you of being

a. filled with self-hatred

b. filled with hatred for you

c. disrespectful

d. mean

e. nasty

f. unkind...and so on.

....Is this how you plan on confronting your "enemies" this what you will demand of the Qurds before you'll engage in conversations with them...that they must be kind and gentle and go easy on your tender feelings? is THIS how the salvation of Assyria will be brought about? Or, will you merely continue hiding in the West where you are safe while demanding that everyone else "do something"?

....It's a rough world out there, your enemies won;t always be kind and can afford to refuse to engage in "rude" discussions...but six year old Iraqi girls don't have that luxury...somehow they must deal with a rough and cruel reality the West has forced on them...but you? require great care otherwise you'll simply go to your room.

....I see your actions well enough...I saw you email Roma and ask her to intercede for you...but why should that be a surprise, you're asking Great Britain and then the United States and any other Christian nation you hope to move to pity to come and intercede for you as well....see, it becomes a habit.

...Try fighting your own battles some day...even if you have to take a little rudeness from the world...lord knows Iraqis have taken plenty.

I gave you the chance to make a new, coherent refused.....look for yourself.


You're right I messed up for even responding to your all-knowingness. Everything you stated is correct. This world would be a much better place with more Farid parhads

...making yourself into a clown now won't change anything...I asked you for your best shot, as I expect it from everyone, and this is the best you've done....I don;t understand why you couldn't stick to the point and discuss the issues...but none of you seem able to do soon as your front line of weak arguments is punctured you have no reserves...pretty soon you start bragging about how busy you are and how your time is important and how the person challenging you must hate you and not like you and disrespects you and a whole list of whines and wails you have all perfected over the decades...decades when you ran and hid and hurled challenges from the safety of your bedrooms, usually from under the bed...and here you are, doing just that....even to the point of crying to Roma to "save you" you cry to the British and Americans for the one likes a crybaby...people definitely need toilet paper, but they flush it as soon as it has served its purpose...I don't mind you and Aprim and Rosie getting flushed, but I'll be damned if I sit around while the three of you cloak yourselves in self-righteousness and "art" ....I'll not sit by , complacently, while you get others flushed away....


Farid I met your daughter long before I knew you existed so of course I responded out of my friendship with her. Otherwise, the way you attacked my I wouldn't have even bothered giving you the time of day. I don't owe an explanation of my motives and actions, so why should I have bothered with you. Think about that one. came onto the forum long ago...that's how I met you...Roma did not introduce one forced you to write on the forum and had you never met Roma you and I still would have run across each, can you leave her out of it?

....Of course you don't owe anyone anything...just like the Iraqis tell you they owe YOU nothing.

....However, you can't produce propaganda, seek exposure and then cry that your privacy is being exploited or invaded...YOU have made yourself a public person...YOU have sought to influence public opinion and, to my way of thinking, in a most dangerous and irresponsible manner which will have an actual and real negative impact on people's lives...people who have suffered enough of being you, by the United States etc.

.....Everyone in this ditzy nation has enemies whom they seek to "expose" "tell the truth about"...well, buster, to my way of thinking you are my "enemy" and Aprim and Rosie and all those who produce this propaganda, who lie and cheat and lift and sift through history to sell their point of view...I don;t know about you but I don't go to other people and try to get them to fight my fights for me....I take my battles to my can wail over the fact that you exposed yourself, that you were incautious, but that is your problem...this exchange with you has been as if some secret papers came into my possession...words and thoughts which reveal just what you and your pals are up to...the use of film as an art form doesn't excuse the content of your are merely an artist of propaganda and not very high up on the scale far as I'm concerned you're fair am I.

I gave you the chance to clean yourself up....take it.


Had I known your intentions to post I would have never responded to your inquiry.

....I had no idea you were as you you feel you owe it to Assyrians to "expose" the enemies of Assyrians so that they will become aware, I feel you need to be exposed for the dangerous propagandist you I thought all along that you were a harmless film maker...only to find out that you have distorted views on our people and their situation which are related to nothing real in the world except the usual, dismal prejudices we all were filled with from birth. Stop blaming other people for your own actions...YOU decided to one forced you to.

You being Roma's father I did.'ve said this already....many times. I don't see the relevance.

To refresh your memory, she asked me to reach out to you after having shown me your site and artwork sometime ago.

"reach out to me"? For what? To comfort me? To teach me? To guide me? To enlighten me? She probably thought you would enjoy a healthy debate, perhaps some new ideas in that musty brain of yours....if it turned out badly for you why do you blame her? Are you responsible for nothing? Is it all the fault of the Qurds?

Trust me, our paths wouldn't have crossed had she not shown me your sites because I make an effort to avoid hostile people like you.

....and I go out of my way to confront dangerous people like you who, while oh-so-polite, ruin other people's lives. My sculptures are harmless, even useless....but your ideas are dangerous and definitely hostile to the welfare of the Christians of Iraq....this same State Department you're pleased to be parading in front of coordinated the attacks on Iraq which have ruined the lives of all Iraqis. Naturally they're going to appreciate your propaganda which depicts Iraqis as the real menace while presenting the United States as the savior.

As I told her, I entered into this exchange only because she thought it would be a good idea for us to exchange ideas since we both like to debate but I didn't expect for you to attack me as you did.

...stop whining...stop claiming you are being attacked when you are being contradicted....are you not attacking Iraqis...are you not attacking Islam and Muslims? You make what you do sound sweet: you're just "telling the truth" only want to "inform"...and yet your message is larded with images of Muslims in headscarves bearing if they are the threat...why don't you show coalition soldiers with their panoply of armor and weapons of mass destruction, the helicopter gunships and offshore carriers with jets delivering bombs to schoolyards?

I still do not give you permission to post anything that I have written in our exchange but am not surprised that you would choose the immoral route of invading my privacy are not a private asked for and I gave no promise not to disclose our conversation....I had no intention of doing so until you revealed yourself...if you think your views are harmless and innocent, I do not...thank your own are a person who needs to be known, in all your glory. But it's interesting that you're so concerned as if you know secretly that there is something wrong in what you do and you don't want it known.

(because of lack of material on your site and no one caring to listen to your garbage propaganda of justifying persecution of innocents based on the actions of others, whatever sides at fault, which any common sense person would disagree and realize your hatred coupled with complacency is very illogical). all love to spout "logic" and "history" and "facts", when it is all just your opinions. For the record we have more readers than the other sites combined...but if what you say is true then don't worry, no one will see our exchange.

What I find most interesting is that you could choose to write about me as you wish and don't have to include anything about our exchange in it.

.....I sent you our exchange, verbatim...I left nothing out...your words and mine are there, side by side, together, for others to judge...I even gave you the opportunity to sift through and review and make changes, changes which might better express what you said in the heat of the moment...what more can I do besides allow you to hide?

But the fact is that you've largely made your opinions known to the Assyrian community already about what I'm doing, so posting our exchange is clearly your selfish way of making yourself look like the champion against my actions.

...a little desperate are we? What kind of champion? There isn't anyone anywhere who's cared less what others think....all my flaws, and yours, are there.....out in the open for all to see and react to. We never ban or delete or change is what it are what you are...what you said is what you said...same with me. Why so worried?

Everyone involved in the Assyrian community knows who you are, Farid, and that you care about satisfying one person: yourself. In other words, go back to Mexico, Pancho,

...they have the internet there too.

and live your cynical artist life

...I'm a very jolly can't be cynical and make art...but being cynical, and dishonest, is perfect for producing should have put your talents to better use.

and continue running away from your responsibilities to be (at least a decent) husband and father. always ends like this....with personal attacks. You know why that is? because you are so insecure in your "beliefs" and your beliefs, being nothing more than your opinions, are wide open to critical examination which makes you feel personally is NEVER ideas with you, but's all about people "hating" you. What does my ability as a father or husband have to do with the facts on the ground? You start off filled with Christian love and talk of humanity and how we're all alike...and then you wind up screaming curses and calling names....which is the same with this film of yours: you SOUND good....but the hard truth is that your film is a call to violence, only YOU aren't going to be the one to commit these hope to incite others to do them for you. I can see in this exchange that you don't fight your own battles.

Lord knows you were never any good at either. But I don't blame you; you were a product of your unstable environment. (Haha)

.....look for yourself.


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