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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, March 6 2007, 3:23:05 (CET)
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..It took me over 24 hours to write the above response to Aprim,,,with very little sleep in is very easy to say, as Aprim always does when "discussing" any book.."the author did not prove this and he got this wrong and I wonder why he didn`t get this right..." Very easy to write...but a pain to answer..and Aprim knows this and that`s why he writes like this...because no one...certainly no serious writer or thinker is going to fall for that game and go running to hell and back searching out the supposed errors and things left out which Aprim merely hints at..and, of course, when no one does..he and his cousins believe there IS NO answer to such a mind...except in my case and Tiglath`s and Jeff`s who have all at one time or other taken him up on his foolishness...but then the moderators have always stepped in because they don`t want his mightiness to go down in flames as the peacock he is, in front of everybody..and so they ban us to keep him safe.

This time they can`t and this time Aprim is obviosuly playing his game because of the exposure, in painful detail, Dr Joseph`s book is receiving here..and the increased readership that came in because of it and after Maggie left...which gives us more readers than the rest combined and probably up there with Aprim, in fear and trembling, was forced to "sally forth" to do battle...and he is dreading the he should...and now weŽll see his game even more clearly when he tries a response or, better yet...can`t get his spear up again...and the Zulu chief walked on down the road...


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