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=> fascinating to watch....

fascinating to watch....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 15 2014, 23:18:37 (UTC)
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...the rush to war. If you pay attention you see that we have no belief that we can win anything...except war contracts for a few.

A Repub senator said when the Mosul dam was retaken they found two women, NAKED, bound and gagged...they had been raped, REPEATEDLY. First of all this wasn't mentioned anywhere else, and who checks? Who has verified this...but it doesn't need verification because we're told day and night that those people are EVIL....I'm waiting for the babies-thrown-from-incubators dance.

You have to wonder, what is this all really about? WE destroyed the region, WE set factions fighting each other, WE committed the worst crimes of anyone since, WE spent billions and got "nothing" in return, and we think WE are any kind of solution?

Hells bells what was the PROBLEM anyway, before we created it? The WMDs were a lie....yellow-cake and aluminum tubes were a lie.....there was absolutely no good sane reason to start this thing...but we did...and now WE think we're a solution?

No wonder we think in conspiracies...because we are being LIED to...we even know, without a doubt, that we WERE lied to....yet, here we go again.


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