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=> federal charges for female circumcision

federal charges for female circumcision
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, April 23 2017, 1:14:58 (UTC)
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...but cutting up boys is still ok...and why? Because Jews and Christians do it...not to put the knock on Jews or Christians for BEING Jews or Christians, but for being savages, as only savages still do these things and did them from the beginning.

...and why just female circumcision? You're cutting living flesh from the body of child...does it really matter WHICH child? Or, is it the religion that's the real target?

..Jews hack baby boys...Muslims (in Africa) hack girls....what's the REAL difference....why is one now being punished in American courts while the other is still practiced and protected? Why aren't the men who cut Jewish babies being hauled up on charges? Especially when the purists BITE the foreskin off? Which has resulted in a few babies dying from infections....why are we supposed to HATE the Muslim who cuts but excuse and even praise the Jew or Christian who cuts?

If one is barbaric and wrong and now illegal, why is the other not?


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