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female genital mutilation:bad...male genital mutilation; good
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, May 11 2017, 17:16:16 (UTC)
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(CNN)It's a brutal practice that's inflicted on thousands of girls and women every year. Female genital mutilation, or female ritual cutting, involves altering or injuring female genital organs. It's often done by people with no medical training and in filthy places, posing horrendous health risks that can linger for decades. Most victims are told never to talk about it -- and some don't survive to tell their stories. Even as girls and women across the globe faces these risks every day, misconceptions abound. To end the practice, experts and survivors say this practice must be drawn out of the shadows.

...the article goes on to list the horrors of what happens to if boys suffer fact, how many Jews do you know who actually say, "my boy cried more at his first haircut than when we cut flesh from his body".

..if this isn't a sign of how blatant Islamophobia can be....we are all up in arms at the thought of girls being cut, but it's still a "sacred" practice among Jews and of at least "medical benefit", among Christians, when done to boys.

..the medical argument is that some boys get penis cancer and this somehow saves them....well, girls also get cancer...breast cancer is a serious killer, far more than penis cancer ever will be...using that logic why don't we cut off the breasts of girls as they reach puberty...why not? Don't you want to save the lives of women? one gives a shit about cutting boys or girls..what they care about is slandering and smearing Islam any chance they get...and, as Reza Aslan said, female mutilation is NOT part of Islam but a part of African they're wrong on that count as well.

The medial argument is preposterous in both cases..the notion that Bronze Age idiots developed a "medical procedure" by accident which vastly improves Nature's own "clumsy" design...and if a Creator "created" all this, why did he make such a mistake where genitals are concerned?

Truth is the medical bullshit is an excuse to continue a savage procedure mostly because it's something you can charge people for, boy or girl....but only the girl is now to be protected, the boy can still get cut.

The real reason male mutilation persists is because of Jews...because banning this barbaric cult would go "against religious freedom"....and you can see that most clearly because female mutilation is ALSO a matter of "religious freedom", but that argument won't "save" the procedure when it's done to girls because it's done by MUSLIMS!

...incredible that we have either procedure still going on...and if they ban the Muslims from doing it to girls, and prosecute them and punish them, then how can they NOT do the same to Christians who do it, but mostly to Jews, who cut their babies up as a sign of respect for their blood-thirsty god....even biting the skin off of the boy!!!

...fucking religions!


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