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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, September 27 2014, 19:59:48 (UTC)
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...the people who have been in charge act as if Jesus is driving them...they lie, just like priests and preachers do...the rely on our "faith" in their assessments of threats and glory and the chance of easy victories..they don't promise virgins but just shy of people are convinced that those who believe in a different faith are fundamentally different than they are.

If we saw all people as basically the same we would know exactly what to expect when we attack their countries and kill their children with no provocation...we would know that we could expect the same, because they are no different than we are...their pains are our pains, our joys are theirs...we wouldn't say stupid things like when we fought the Japanese and said they were different from us, they didn't "feel" the loss of life like we did....if we accepted that all us humans are basically the same we wouldn't be "outraged" when the Palestinians fight back against ANYONE who does to them what the Israelis have done...we would EXPECT it and hence we wouldn't do it so cavalierly.

Our foreign policy pretends to be based on facts..."facts" like WMDs that we had to take on faith because there was no evidence...and yellow-cake from Africa and the rest of all the crap we swallowed as if we were being preached to in church...also anyone asking for real facts was treated the same as if he'd entered a church and demanded evidence, hard evidence, that there ever was a Jesus son of if it was blasphemy to question American foreign policy.


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