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for the past five days...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, February 21 2011, 17:27:00 (UTC)
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..there has been a single post at Maggie's place...and it's just another lame joke by a guy with one of those joke books. And, 50 people have logged on to read his joke. And all of this while their dear assyrians are DYING in Iraq and elsewhere...being murdered and raped and all by the ENEMIES of Maggie and the rest of the Arabs and Qurds and Turks and etc and etc. And yet they do nothing to actually attack their avowed enemies, the enemies of their PEEPLE! Oh yes, Maggie did suggest that the people of Iraq RISE UP!!!...while she downs pastries.

It would be like us refusing to take on Aprim, Bet-Slime-on, and a host of these worriers of if we ran from debate or ignored them while cracking jokes..all the while having declared that they are OUR enemies!.

Of course we did no such thing...we went hunting and dragging these people out from the rocks they hide under....we engaged them in debates as long as they dared, as long as their handlers allowed them to go on being humiliated, as they saw it.

We didn't ignore our enemies...we went after them tooth and claw and reason and with books and knowledge and even offered them carte blanche to come here and destroy us....and where are they?

Where are our enemies? They are gone, largely because we confronted and fought them with whatever weapons they chose.....Maggie has yet to raise a pinkie against those she claims are the enemies of her people...that's because SHE and the rest of them are the only ones really doing harm to what they call their cause.

You want to defeat people you have to stop running and hiding and ignoring AND making lame jokes.


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