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found another whacko
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, November 18 2008, 8:34:46 (CET)
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Here is another one of those nationalists attacking a person for simply asking valid questions.

David you said:

I would like to state that I do not believe that we are direct descendants of the Ancient Assyrian Empire.

My reply is:

I really feel sorry for you, How can you even imagine to type such low scaled words. Did you do your research?. I suggest that you really go and research your ancestry. Maybe you are not an Assyrian who traces his roots to ancient Assyrians, But I am. I am proud of my Assyrian heritage and proud of my Assyrian culture, language and I will never abandon my ancient Assyrian roots. Sahme on you for writing such words. We are and always will be descendants of the ancient Assyrians.


What I like to ask this funny person is in what way he can trace his ancastry to the ancients, how does he speak Assyrian and what does he/she consider research? I am guessing qasha Gewargis and aunty shmonee are his sources, maybe Dadesho, Nimrood and Fred Aprim? Who knows but I hardly doubt this person knows the meaning of research and what "facts" are to him/her.


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