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=> from slavery to Jim Crow to police shootings....

from slavery to Jim Crow to police shootings....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 6 2016, 0:25:51 (UTC)
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The trial of a white offices for shooting a Black man, unarmed and running away from him, ended in a hung jury...the white cop got on the witness stand...

"On the stand, Slager argued self-defense, telling jurors he shot Scott as he ran away because he posed a threat and could have turned around and charged him."

...this is to say that whites are always afraid that Blacks will "charge them"...anywhere at any time...and they don;t need to have a weapon, just a Black body is fearful enough to's come to this; white people openly admit that they are afraid of Blacks, and that's reason enough to kill them.

..when the Civil War ended and southern slaves were freed, Federal troops had to remain in the South to make sure there was no retribution against Blacks...and many Blacks actually entered government and held positions of responsibility in the South...but that all ended when troops were withdrawn...and then Jim Crow segregation set in, another weapon against Blacks because whites "feared them"...that lasted 100 years till the Civil Rights movement got rid of Jim Crow...and then, slowly, police murders began to take the place of other forms of longer lynchings but just shooting down Blacks in the streets..and the defense always is the same..."I was afraid"...well, who actually has good reason to be afraid...whites or Blacks?

If a white cop can get off because he was afraid a Black man, running away from him, MIGHT turn around and "charge me"...then it's just open season on Blacks...they have every reason to run from white cops, and because they run, the cop can now shoot to kill and say it was because HE was afraid the Black man might come around and charge him...and whites love that argument.


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