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funny observation by Bill Maher...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, December 8 2010, 18:46:51 (UTC)
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Website title: of the advantages of not being raised in a poisonous religious atmosphere is that you can take the good from everyone while rejecting only the need to condemn totally for a person's "sins". Bill Maher is completely irrational where Islam is concerned....I'd like to think that his fear and bigotry only extends to Islam because he's so damn frightened, but he would not have felt this way about Jews had he lived in Germany in the 30s...but maybe not....maybe he would have been just as afraid because that was the thing to be back then...I like to extend him the benefit of the doubt because he takes a brave stand against religion...I just wish he could get over his fear enough to use the same brilliant logic and understanding he uses when giving religion what it so richly his credit he says that all of them are "batshit" religions, but he is only AFRAID of Islam....which I can't understand at's like being afraid of the rape VICTIM because she might do something violent in retaliation....while not fearing the rapist who, after all, committed the crime and continues to rape with impunity BECAUSE no victim dares fight back, so why should he stop?

Don't we visit punishment on criminals because we want them to suffer for their a preventative measure to discourage them from committing more crimes? Do we punish the innocent? Has America not committed the crime of lying in order to attack innocent people and nations...and must those people NOT fight back?

But, like I said, I can take the good from him and leave rest...what I found refreshing was his observation that if the story of Jack and the Beanstalk had been presented to us, as children, by our parents, the State, and Church, as one of the stories from the Bible, instead of a Fairy Tale, how would we know different?...What if we had been told, every night at bedtime, that Jack had been sent on his climb up the beanstalk and had been "tested" by god through poverty etc. and found joy and redemption by slaying the evil Giant, wouldn't we accept it as Biblical? against the story of Jonah and his being swallowed by a whale etc. and if the story of Jonah had been presented to us as the Fairy Tale and Jack as a biblical would we ever KNOW which was which?

Same with the Garden of Eden...same with Job....or Abraham. Why isn't the story of Hansel and Gretel as worthy of being included in the Bible as that of Adam and Eve? And what differentiates Adam and Eve from any one of Aesop's Fables...or Mother Goose stories?


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