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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 23:38:31 (CET)
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Well brother Pancho, this is the end of it all. It is pretty much what you have been saying. These Fred Aprims and others instandly freeze when compared to reality. They get numbers from their rear end and end up looking like fools when compared with real historians, and scholars who have done real research and not talk out of prejudices and anger. So Turkey today has every right to reject the lies by Armenians and others who scream "genocide" . As Shimun Perez once said while visiting his Turkish friends, "It was a tragedy that people died during this period, but it was not a genocide". Turkey, is therefore not denying anything but telling the truth. It was time of war and people were killed on both sides. The trouble was brought by the western allies and the Syriac Christians as always voluntered in the front lines to fight for the interests of the western allies. Turkey has done anything worse than what other nations have done. If these incidents are considered genocides, what would anyone call what happen to the Iraqi citizens over the past 17 years?

We can name incidents left and right carried out by the very nations whom the Syriac speaking Christians come crying to about their claims of "genocide" "persecution" and everything else they claim. They ignore the key facts no matter what they are when it comes to dealing with any non Christians. The fact that it was a war which was brought by the Russians, and their allies is ignored when it comes to 1915. The fact that on all sides there were casualties is ignored as well. The fact that Assyrians and Kurds lived together in peace for centuries as if they were one people is purely ignored. Azeris and Assyrians also lived at peace in most of their times. The fact that the Nestorians had voluntered to help the western allies which resulted in any of the problems between 1915-1918 is also ignored. There are pleanty of various information and facts pertaining to this issue and that is why it has been so hard to get Turkey to confess for having committed a "genocide". After all, it's kind of unfair and at the same time extremely difficult to get anyone to confess to something that never happened.

Was there a "genocide" against Christians by Turkey and the Kurds in 1915? the answer would have to be "No". All the available facts and reliable resources prove contrary to the Christian claim. The Syriac speaking Christians lived with the Kurds and Turks in peace for centuries. Assyrians were unmolested and any problems which occured right before and during ww1 were a result of their own actions and choices. It's not like Turkey went all over the nation hunting down Christians to kill. The Christian populations in the rest of Turkey and throughout the Ottoman territory were unharmed and lived in peace without any fear. It was the kindness of the Turks that perhaps the Nestorian patriarchs took advantage of when deciding to betray the Turks and the Kurds. While all the above which pertains to this issue is ignored, and since Christian lives are so sacred when taken, why is there no mention by any of these counterfit authors like Fred Aprim and the others about the Christian Assyrian school bombing in Dora (Baghdad)which was bombed by the Americans during the First war with Iraq? Assyrian and Christian teachers, and school children were all killed during this incident. The school was later rebuild by Saddam and statues of angels were build to remember the children. Isn't that a tragedy as well or is it only a problem when Muslims kill 1 Christian?

Out of the 1,5 million Iraqi people that were killed during the 13 years of sanctions of which most were children under the age 5, there were some Christian Iraqis who died as well. During the past 17 years and especially in the last 4 years, more Iraqi Christians have fled than they did in the entire century or perhaps their entire history. Isn't that a tragedy? why are all these ignored? they cry about Assyrian refugees in Jordan, Syria etc who have fled Iraq in the past 4 years, who is at fault for that? the almost all Arabs out of the 700,000 dead Iraqis? We hear about "Christians suffering in Iraq" and "Christians being targeted and their places of worship being bombed" but what about the hundreds of thousands of other Iraqis who have suffered and been targeted. The suddenly "car bombings" which were non existend in Iraq until the CIA came take the lives of Iraqis daily and almost all the dead Iraqis during these daily bombings are Muslims, what can they say? Can they then blame the Christians as well? cuz so far I have not done so even though as a Muslims I can make the same claims if not worse?

So before shedding tears over a so called genocide that supposedly killed over 800,000 Assyrians which never happened in first place, why not focus on the real issue of what is facing people today? There weren't even 800,000 Assyrian around back then to be mass murdered like that, at least not what they mean by "Assyrian"(Syriac speaking Nestorians and other Christians). The truth is that the so called estimated number of Assyrians has always been over exaggerated by out so called nationalists and they wouldn't number 2 millions as they claim they are even more than this number if they tried to get every Chaldean ans Jacobite to become "Assyrian". Now of course, the correct number of people of Assyrian descent is much higher than that but we can only follow the wishes of the nationalists of who qualifies under the "Assyrian" Terminoligy. Since Muslims and all non Christians who claim a proud Assyrian heritage are ignored here, we will play their game and just give them enough rope to hang themselves as they have for the last 120 years or so. Their numbers are not enough to fill a few buses and that is even if they could get every single Chaldean, and Jacobite to become Assyrian, that includes all from infants to pets.

If they continue with this mentality for another decade, they will wipe themselves out just as their greater majority of their population in the west has become "westernized".


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