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Posted by NARAM SIN (Guest) - Friday, December 21 2007, 3:21:32 (CET)
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todays christians claim that the turks killed over 700.000 assyrian christians in 1915 and 1916 but it has been a lie from the very first day. i have some information by trustworthy sources which show that the christians arfe liars. anyone interested can go to this link and read it. .

these christians are good at exaggerating and changing around events to brainwash the ignorant assyrians into believing that the christians who call themselves assyrians were hated and murdered because of their christian religion or being assyrians but it had nothing to do with it. the turkish government dont care what they called themselves or if they believed in a jewish god or not. they cared about their national security and they defended themselves against christian conspiracies and attacks just as we believers in our GOD ASHUR BLESSED BE HIS NAME and our muslim brothers are victims today of christian crimes and murders.


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