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german hitler movie
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 25 2014, 23:10:12 (UTC)
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...waiting for my plane I flipped channels to a German film on Hitler's last was in German, natch, so I couldn't be sure, but they were all appropriately grim-faced and Hitler, well...he looked like an embattled leader brought to to bay, nothing more "crazy".....I moved on and came back just as they open the door to his private quarters and see that he and Eva are dead....but they don't show it...just the faces of Nazi's registering it...I thought that was odd, but then maybe they felt it was too grim, or maybe lacking in I moved on and came back a little later to see Goebbels and his wife poisoning their sleeping children...the wife gently opened the mouth f her sleeping, and very lovely daughter, stuck a cyanide tablet between her teeth and oh so lovingly and gently clamped her mouth shut and you could hear the capsule pop..and then you got to watch the girl gag and die in her sleep...but you couldn't see Hitler and Eva, that was too much.


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