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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, January 7 2013, 7:59:45 (UTC)
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I was browsing and found the heroes arguing over Maronites. Thought I bring some of their garbage on here. The claim is that they are Assyrian too, and it's the same with Chaldeans. I found it more interesting because I know many Maronites in Atlanta and never met one who called himself Assyrian. I have heard Lebanese, Arab, etc but never Assyrian. They refer to their liturgy language as Syriac but so fucking what. Ancient Egyptians could speak Aramaic at one point as well but does that make them Assyrian? of course not, they were Black.

Here it goes:


"Maronites are also originally assyrians too. They are originally from Antioch/Tur Abdin and when some assyrians later started to follow the way of syriac-orthodox monk S:t Marons way of christianity they weren't welcome anymore by the jacobites and got persecuted so they left Antioch and Tur Abdin and left for Syria and later Lebanon.

But not all Maronites forefathers today were assyrians some probably were converted inhabitors of Lebanon (which were NOT arabs). Though they have mostly assyrian blood.

They should be counted in to the assyrian population because then we are up to 5-7 million assyrians in the world."

You say Syria and Assyria is the same, and there are 27 million Syrians. Want them too? How quickly he put "which were not Arab" as if he took a DNA test or survey for the people back then. Phonecians were not Assyrians so case closed. There were Arabs all the way in Syria and Lebanon before Muhammd. How can he know not one of them was an Arab convert? There were even Arab Christians and Jews and Pagans. Of course he only mentions Arabs because he's racist and because he assumes only Muslims are Arabs. Arabs have many religions and no religions. They come in all colors.

Here goes the next genius who further strokes this joker's little dick.

"Yes, this is true. Maronites are Assyrians who used to follow the Syriac Orthodox Church. Chamille Chamoun and Bachire Gemayel are two of many Maronite leaders who were proud of their Assyrian ancestry Most LF members are aware of their Assyrian heritage."

So you found two who called themselves Assyrians but what about the rest? What about the rest who don't even think of you? The Chaldean leader once claimed to be Assyrian too, meanining he was Nestorian who converted to Catholic. So what?

next one:

"As long as people that are aware of the Assyrian nation and Assyria the Maronites will in time once again return to their Assyrian nation and realise that Lebanon mixed with Arabs was a failure."

Good luck with that Assyrian nation. As if you people weren't a failure. Lebanese seem proud to be Arabs from what I have seen. Chaldeans learned long ago not to mix with you as you have failed in Iraq while they were running for governments, owning businesses and accomplishing great things as you were dropping out of schools and hiding.

next one:


As far as I know 5% of the Maronite Church identify themselves as Assyrians and Syriacs."

As far as I know, all of you are silly. That's as far as I know.



Guys why do we complicate this subject? An Assyrian is a person who calls himself Assyrian
plain and simple. Whoever has Assyrian roots and denies it well thatís his back luck sayonara."

Chaldeans seem to be doing just fine even though you claim they are Assyrians and denying it. Go free your Assyria, sayonara!

the same jerk from very above:

"What I am saying is that the original maronites atleast were assyrians. They came from Tur Abdin and Antioch. Maronites got faaaaar more assyrian blood than any other semitic people (except us lol). They got some canaanite blood of course (defiently not arab since there is no real arabs in the levant or Mesopotamia) but if they see theirselfs as assyrians than I also see them as assyrians. But I think it's pure bull**** that if a lets say... an arab or a greek person calls themselfs assyrians and then they are assyrian, it's absolutely not that way. I don't give a f*ck about what they call themselfs but they are not assyrian.

Oh and I think the syrians are actually mostly aramean. Just arabified. The syrian catholics of Maloula are maybe also that. They speak a whole other dialect than us west and east-assyrians. West and east-assyrians dialect are in the eastern-aramaic family and theirs are in the western."

It just absolutely amazes me as to how you could possibly know this and what your source is for any of the shit that comes out your mouth. Of course you have none. This is pure shit and just what you learned from your "experts"(taxi drivers). Contrary to you opinions, and I know you will hate this but there were Arabs in Mesopotamia and Syria before Muslims came. There were Syrians who spoke Aramaic and Arabic. Maloula is 50% Muslim, do you accept them too? No way. The original Maronites, if anything, were Syriac speaking people who migrated to Lebanon, At least Maron did. That doesn't make them Assyrian just as you or every Christian is not. You are Christians who speak Aramaic, you live in Iraq, Iran, Syria or Turkey. You are of various demoninations and decided to start this propaganda about 100 years ago.

You think them being Christian can help you out so you try to use that to your advantage but have failed.

next ass:

"yazidi and zazas and millions of kurds aren;t really kurds, but do share lots of the same ancestry and gettingh labeled as kurds.

basically you shouyld unite all christians in the midde east except for armenians and other non semitic ones. call them all assyrian/syriacs. do not say i consider you as non-assyrian. do the opposite and groups of them willl learn to do so. if we get a christian/assyrian region in iraq, the first thing to do is unite everybody.

unfortunately kurds ans arabs know that an assyrian autonomy can do only one thing, become bigger and bigger, and that;s why they aren;t letting us do that. they just know the region will grow. every iraq of assyrian blood will be able to become assyrian/christian again and live a live without islam. so belive me they know this and will prevent it. the region will be rich, and poor maronites or rich ones and other can come there. live/study/invest... all the things they (muslims) don't want us to do.


most nations in the world accept they sons from the dispora back. armeniand from the US can get armenian id immediately. greeks to. evey nation, except lebanon. because the majoriy of lebanesen (90%) is christian. in lebanon muslims are. if the country accepted lebanese back. millions would return. from brazil, mexico and ivest there,, it;s all about religion and stuff. do some research and find it out yourself.that"

Thank you, dumb fuck, you just proved what we been saying. You are propagandists and Christians hiding behind a name. Armenians wouldn't call themselves Assyrians even if you paid them and neither do the others you mentioned or else you wouldn't be on teh internet. You are your own enemies, not Arabs or Kurds. You divided yoursleves over Jesus, so why blame Arabs? And why don't you challenge the Arabs since they are destroying your nation? You are not Assyrians but Christians and only western Christians with agendas pretend to accept your claims but they don't matter. Nobody else pays any attention to you so you blame Arabs and Kurds. As if the over 200 million Arabs and 50 million Kurds are worried about you. As for Lebanon, it is not 90% Christian. Lebanon is almost 60% Muslim so how you get 905 out of the rest of this number is confusing. Maybe you're using Christian math which you learned from father Rekhtapolis.

last one from same ass:

"Yezidis speak most of the times Kurmanji at home, however this does not mean that they are Kurds, just as the Assyrians who speak Arabic at home aren't Arabs even though they've been partly arabized. Yezidi culture is more similar to Assyrian culture than Indo-Iranian Kurdish, trust me, most of their traditions are Mesopotamian."

You mean just as you speaking Aramaic and being Christian does not make you Assyrian? Or you being born in what was once Assyria does not make you Assyrians? The bottom line, they speak Kurdish and follow their culture except religion. I have yet met one who claimed to be Assyrian. All the ones I have met spoke Kurdish and Arabic and never claimed to be Iraqi. Kurds even accept them as a religious minority withing their ethnicity so that sucks for you. Sayonara!

They don't leave their backyard so I have to bring them here sometimes.


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