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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, June 6 2014, 20:54:58 (UTC)
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...assyrian nationalists aren't serious....they know damn well they are never going to get an assyria back....but that's not what drives them. What impels them to this nonsense is the realization that their so-called status doesn't count for anything outside Iraq. Back there they were ASSYRIANS and CHRISTIANS too, a select "minority", something special. In the West there are Christians under every rock, all sorts of them and many of them don't think assyrians are "real" Christians anyway and who in the West gives a shit about resurrecting assyria? Our Christians are welcome in half the countries of the world...they aren't about to move to's pure bullshit...all their nationalism amounts to is hatred of Muslims for supplanting Jesus with Muhammad, that's all.

But what can they do or say to be special again, to be rare, to not be common? They can TALK....and talk and talk about how they ARE assyrians, goddammit and they want their land back too! So there!!

People should pick causes, or fights, they have some chance of winning....the nationalists don;t believe ion that because they aren't good at winning anything...they have not the skills or the good sense to go get some....they discovered that calling for meetings and writing "petitions" was easier and served their true purpose just as well, which is to talk a good game....these people are hardly any kind of fighters. If they were they would have stayed back where the fight was, not move to Turlock and yell from there.

We, on the famous other hand, picked a fight we could win, though I never thought it would be this easy. We picked a fight with the nationalists, the two-bit "writers" and "thinkers" this nation somehow takes pride in...and we routed them all.....all of them, every last one, tried to meet us in fair fight and got chased off or ran away all on his or her own.

It isn't our fault assyrian nationalists are such chickenshits...and we wish we could have better and stronger ones, but they don't exist because all the true believers stayed back in Iraq...the wussies ran to the West and to cover their arses sounded off and had "meetings" and called for THOUSANDS to come running...but they didn't because all of them had GONE running...gone running from the fight they pretended now, when they were safe in Starbucks, to want so desperately.

Someone had to shut them up.


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