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here is how I see it
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Friday, July 8 2011, 10:33:36 (UTC)
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It all depends toward whom a person has hatred for and all of the people who side with Hitchens are of that sick mentality. This is why they can agree with what he says and also their ignorance of Islam doesn't help. Hitchens has never claimed to be an expert on Islam and I can respect him for being honest ones at least, but the people who support him think he is some kind of champ and has superior knowledge on Islam. There are only two ways to explain Hitchens. A, he is has studied the history of Islam, and is a liar, or, B, he simple ignorant. I am of the view that he is a propagandist, liar, racist and fucked up in the head. Maybe all the alcohol, pork and whatever else he has put in his system has screwed him up. I have prejudices and dislikes against Christianity and I will even say that I hate it, but I don't allow it to blind me.

There are some beautiful teachings of Jesus in the gospels which only a liar or someone totally ignorant can ignore, but there are also horrible things in those same books. He should be praised for his cool teachings(which weren't anything unusual or new) but one can also see crazy things such as cannibalism, self-hatred, racism, cowardly behavior etc. Hitchens hates Islam but can't distinguish between bigoted views and reality. Tariq Ali, who is Pakistani and of Muslim background can distinguish. He is not a Muslim and isn't shy to say it but he still defends it when he sees something false being said against it. He also sympathizes with Muslims and knows what they go through.

Both Tariq and Hitchens are atheists but one is a racist and the other isn't.


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