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heroes at it again....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 9 2017, 19:10:10 (UTC)
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Anna Eshoo was being attacked on her Facebook page by the usual types...she failed to mention the Assyrians when she spoke about the Armenian Genocide...they were calling her names, revealing details about her daughter etc...said they would get her, never vote for her etc. So, I took them on and answered them all and they came back with the usual stuff...I figured as long as they were bothering Anna, I would bother them...well, now my Facebook page has been disabled, which is fine by me...I didn't set it up and I think the whole thing is silly....I don't know if it was because I "dared" to say there was no Genocide of Armenians or Assyrians etc.

I was probably turned in by one of the heroes...their usual way of "fighting".

I know in France you can be fined for denying the Holocaust and also the Armenian claim to a Genocide.....but I didn't think that was the case here, at least not where the Armenians are concerned.

Watering down the horror of the Holocaust by calling every massacre a Genocide should be what is frowned upon...but maybe there's a reason why not. I still think Christians are mightily embarrassed to have committed the only real Genocides in the modern era...and it would be a great help to Islamophobia if they could cast the Muslims and Islam in the same light...but it's a political move, not an academic or scholarly one...and it should be resisted.

Getting off Facebook is a small price to no price to pay.


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