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=> how do you put your sins on a goat anyway????

how do you put your sins on a goat anyway????
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, September 1 2014, 17:56:32 (UTC)
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Website title:'s embarrassing that people still believe this garbage...but just what does it mean to put your sins onto a goat, or anything else?

If I have committed the "sin" of fornication, and I "put it on a goat"...does that mean that in reality the goat did the fucking? If I coveted my neighbor's wife, does that mean the goat did the coveting? It figures; I do the fucking, get all the pleasure and the goat pays for it, with none of the pleasure.

And so we kill the goat, for fucking my neighbor....and I'm clean!

Say, as a Christian, you have slaughtered six million Jews JUST because they are Jews....years later you say you feel bad about might even admit it was a what do you do? If you're very Christian you look around for a goat, or a Muslim, and you place your sin ON Christians constantly do when they accuse Turks of having committed a genocide...the whole world knows it was Christians who committed the first true genocide, in fact the word was invented to cover what they did...their reaction is to try their damndest to put the same blame on someone else..make someone else as guilty and force THEM to pay.

...ah, the Stone Age.


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